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taking revenge against my pimples

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oceanmist: well, although my acne LOOKS mild...it's persistant and i've had it since age 12. Now I'm 20. the reason i got accutane is because i have tried EVERYTHING else...to no avail. so because i'd tried everything... she had no problem prescribing it to me.

sabra: lol i know. thank god tho, i got scared as shit

dan: i know! i'm going to the middle east..beaching on the red sea (WHAT SUCKS IS THAT IM GNA HAVE TO HIDE FROM THE SUN) with my family. oh well, ill make the best of it somehow.

Day 24

i forgot to take my accutane yesterday lol. i was so freaked out abt not getting anymore that i forgot to take the day's lol. oh well, good thing it doesn't matter. i'll take today's in a bit. anyway, no change yet.. still same 4 big ones healing. and a million and 84345 red marks. *sigh*. and peeling. and hurting nose. i'm not complaining though, i'd like the side effects to stay here. i'm worried about what's gna happen once i start 60mg next week. can anybody tell me from experience? do i IB even more? lol...dude i dont think i could handle that...

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Wow, sounds like you had a scare. I don't think I could handle having to start all over, so congrats on getting the pills ... I don't even want to know how you managed that. They gave me the run around when i tried to get it a couple days early so I could avoid missing a few over a weekend.

Hope you have a great vacation!

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DAY 30

hey everyone! miss mee?? i'm finally back.. not back as in back in the states but back to my log.. was out of contact with the world for a while. so the weather is BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLL HERE OMG. too bad i'm not freaking allowed in the sun, lol. anyway so my face looks like shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit guys. and i'm meeting millions of ppl everyday and HATING it. i'm kinda over it in a way cause it's been so long of looking like this, but it's still annoying as hell. i'm starting 60 mg's tomorrow... i've heard the IB gets worse, any idea? nice life.

i'm kind of getting sick too :( sneezing, runny nose and all. at least it's not bloody like it's been for the past week.

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AHHHHH waliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii miss you!!!!

okay missing okaaaaaaaaaaaay missing!

Too bad I got your messages after u were long gone. We were at my uncle's house for christmas and I forgot my whole friggin purse at home. Did you get my message though??

Anyway so your face. ignore them, they're gay saudis lol how was ur mom feeling about the whole thing?

Remember how i thought I was like 2 months and some weeks into it? IM NOT lol IM RETARDED and thought I was but I was like wait...I'm going for my two month checkup in a week and a half....soooo its only been ONE month and 2 and a half weeks LOOOOOLLLLL. Im dumbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb..So actually all that time I was like WHY ISNT THIS WORKING, I'm probably where I should be. We'll see if anything changes soon.

KUL SANA WA INTEE SALMAAAAAAAAAA :D I want you to be here at new years and eid WHAT THE HELL lol COME BACK

OMG I bought these boots SO HOT. Tall boots, flat, black, tie up in the back, have like a rounded tip. They remind me of like horse riding boots lol, but i love them.

anyway miss you my partner in life. And dont worry about the stupid acne, its gna die soon...haraam it doesnt even know what coming.

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woooh i've missed this! how is everyone?? i've been mad busy ..got back from overseas and school started and everythings jus been craaazy. my skin's been slightly better... whenever i get a pimple it's still cystlike and big... my lips are dry... my face isnt really dry... ive gotten eczema on my arms.. i always have one pimple at a time...like my face is never completely clear of pimples. my nose is so much better, i used to have a million little blackheads and now they're pretty much gone. i dunno... accutane works so freakin slowly... but i'm waiting. just wanted to check in and say wsup.. fill me in on how you're doing guys.

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hey dear.

i missed you, u were gone for too long.

i hope u had fun on ur trip overseas =)

im glad to hear that tane is starting to work for you because it hasnt done much for me yet.

the only thing that has changed since i started taking is that my face is not oily anymore. thank god for that much.

but i still do break out.

i go to the derm manana i will ask him about upping my dosage and see what he says. whateve.

just good to hear from you again :dance:

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Hey keep us updated if you have time - I also have mild yet persistent acne and want to go on accutane. Did you have a lot of clogged pores and closed comedones before starting? Did they purge? I have a lot of these clear, white, under-the-skin little bumps and I am scared they will all inflame and turn into red pimples if my skin purges on Accutane. Thanks for posting your log, update if possible! Good luck!!

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henry's fine still sticking around and i think I have a pete joining him tomorrow and maybe even a bob. How're the twins? lol





Story of my life.

I can't seem to find your pics. But Iam not very computer literate.

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