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Adult Accutane Course 2 & post accutane log

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Hehe! Foomph is kind of an inside joke whoch became my nickname. I was teaching my boyfriend to count in german, and silly me, mistakenly told him FIVE was FEUMF when in reality it's FEUNF.

So I got stuck with FOOMPH. 5 years later. :rolleyes:

Day 14

Today I got my first bout of excema form accutane-induced dryness (I'm assuming). I had excema BAD during my first course but it finally went away about a year after coming off accutane. Now it's back so I has to use some cortisone cream...yech...it doesn't however, clog my pores so it's fine by me, and oddly enough reduces shine.

My lips are SOOOOOOOOOO dry and chapped...I think I get this side effect worse than others. It's only day 14 and they are PEELING.

Because they are good pics and I like attention form good pics, here is me before my xmas party on Dec 2.



PS-I am wearing Pure Stay powder foundation by maybelline.

My arms do NOT look defined at all in these pics but I swear they're decent.

I like my calves-I think they're my best feature. Damn I wish I could get cut arms...must diet more...

Hinder-Lips of an Angel

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Thanks-that makes me feel better!

Day 15

My blackheads are showing like crazy-gross. I also have one pustule finally coming out. It hides under the skin-an ominous red mark with a slight bump. It finally came to a head today. Here's hoping it STAYS gone.

Lips are insanely dry.

Excema ia there...been using cortisone all over my face last night and today.

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gorgeous :wub: =)

yeah I still have excema i just bought this big tube of Eucerin moisturizing calming cream with oatmeals and it's supposed to stop the itchiness to which is great during the winter time

where is yours? mine were mostly on my arms

good luck with the tane =)

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Hi and thanks!

My excema is on my chin, forehead and in and behind my ears. In the craks of my elbows and knees. Oh, and sometimes on the hips-that's really weird but it does happen.

I have to use cortisone cream. It's gets SO itchy and red, then oozes. That's also part of the reason why I have to go on accutane. Topicals are out of the question when I have flare-ups and retin a usually needs consistent applications. It's funny because for me, my excema is not acutane induced. I had excema before accutane, and that, actually, is the biggest reason I went to the derm in the first place 3 years ago!! But accutane made it worse and then it hung on for a years after...jsut as it was going away, I go on accutane again and it's back. Ah well...I would rather the excema any day.

As a side note-I went to bed with a shiny cetaphil/hydrocortisone bathed face last nitgh and woke up with a dry, almost-excema-less one! :dance:

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Day 17


A couple of clogged pores onmy forehead but nothing major

Blackheads still showing like crazy

Side effects:

I just realized that I have been headaches the past couple of weeks. Nothing too bad, but definitely there and I usually need some kind of medicine to get rid of it. I think they're accutane related as I rarely get headaches.

Dry peeling skin around nose, dry lips.

Also-I believe my anxiety is coming back (which goes hand in hand with depression). But other factors that must be considered:

1) holidays are coming up (and I have no family here-just me and my boyfriend which is fine, but I do miss my family and wish I could go home) and

2) PMS. PMS does tend to get me anxious and depressed for a few days. Let's see if this passes.

My number 1 clue to the onset of depression is insomnia and BAM there it was last night...really weird because there was no reason for it-it was a Saturday night and I didn't have to get up the next day (having to get up early the next day is quite often a cause of insomnia for me). Also-just these damn thoughts that keep running around in my head!!?? AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Get out of my head! Tonight I'll be taking gravol to sleep. If this continues I may talk to my Dr (not my derm) but I suspect the holiday thing and PMS are likely causes so we'll see in late January if this has improved or not. :boohoo:


I have (as always) been working out about 5 days/week (sometimes 4 sometimes 6) which includes 30-45 minutes moderate/heavy cardio, moderate/heavy weight lifting (3-4 sets @ 60%-85% of my 1 RM), and yoga. No changes. Well, some slight weird shin pain that gopes away quite quickly. I worked out my whole first course of accutane with no problems.

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Day 18

A very disgusting and wonderful thing happened to me this morning.

My BLACKHEADS ARE STARTING TO COME OUT! Probably about 1/3 of the ones on my nose came out EASILY when squished and I managed to pull out a few more that were jsut sticking out above the surface of my skin with tweezers. :dance::sick:

YYEeeesssssssssssssssssssssssSSS! I was waiting for this! Not long now before the others come out!

My chin area is very grainy and tough-snadpaper looking.

My knees and shins ached while running today. :doubt:

I have about 3-4 actives, but they're dying down...

My hair is falling out by the truckload. I mean, I do lose a lot every day, especially if I've had it up a lot because it can't shed naturally but this is rediculous. I'm not too woried about it though-I have a TON of hair. And nothing happerned permanenetly last time...

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hey foomph!

thanks for reading my log.

that pic of you is gorgeous and your skin looks so vibrant! does your skin still look like that because it looks flawless and so healthy in the pic!

i think my blackheads are starting to go. some are slightly above surface but they aren't really "coming out" on their own. i did the tweezer thing too on some of them! i also used nose strips which is supposedly bad. but oh wells, what are u supposed to do when you got shit squeezing out of your face!!!

do you remember how long it takes for the blackheads to purge? i think i've looked like this for a day or two.

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Hey! Thank YOU for reading!

Regarding the blackheads- I think last time it took about 4-6 weeks for them to comepletely go. I can;t remeber exactly because I wasn't aware that would happen! I just remember one day looking in the mirror and seeing them literally oozing out of my nose. :sick: And I didn't even know what it was until I scraped my nose a bit with my nail and they fell out!!!!! Fucking gross. Anyway, then all I did was scrape my nose with a card and they all came out. THIS time, I knew it was going to happen so now I'm probably over-anxious! It's been 19 days and they just started coming out two days ago. It will likely take at least a few more weeks for them all to come out. :doubt:

Of course my skin now is a lot better than my first time on accutane so I'm not surprised that they're coming out sooner this time.

About those pics? Well, I won't lie-I don't have cysts anymore. :dance: BUT, to my defense, I had been on BCP (Alesse) for 2 months prior to those pics and they REALLY cleared up my skin by about 50%. Now I'm on accutane again because they're leaving marks again and I have blackheads everywhere, and I have a derm who is great :wub: and wants me to be cured once and for all! So you can't see them with makeup form far, but trust me-they're there!

Day 19

Acne: same old. About 3 pustules by my hairline that are healing. Tons of blackheads

Skin: dry and really flaky around my nose and corners of my mouth (makeup is starting to look bad)

Side Effects: Tired (maybe it's just me though) and headaches. The headaches are starting to worry me. It's mostly when I bend over that I get sharp pains in my head and then it tends to subside once I'm upright again. What do to? REMAIN UPRIGHT OR PRONE AT ALL TIMES! (have no probelms with prone-hehe :gimme: Just have to worry about bending over. ;) JUST KIDDING-bad and dirty joke. :silenced: )

IN other news I have ordered my everyday minerals free sample kit of makeup (and a few brushes). I figure at my ripe old age of (almost) 30, I'll need to keep wearing makeup once I'm off accutane again and I want something good for my skin. So here goes! I expect them on Friday. :thumbsup:

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Day 20

I got MORE blackheads out today. :sick: Even ones I didn't think were blackheads but just large pores came out.

I guess I was living in ignorance before...and you know the whole thing about ignorance being bliss...turns out they are ALL blackheads. :doubt: But at least they are on the way out. :dance:

MY skin is rough and P-E-E-L-I-N-G. Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling. Especially my nose (maybe form getting the blackheads out?)

Anyway,my hairline pimples seem to be starting to heal, but rough, rough dry skin is here. I ordered mineral makeup but I don't know HOW I am going to pull off wearing that with this dry skin. Let alone any other makeup. 5 more months...5 more months...5 more months :pray:

In other news I feel like shit and I wish I could go home for the holidays. I hate being an adult and alone for holidays. :boohoo:

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Day 20

I got MORE blackheads out today. :sick: Even ones I didn't think were blackheads but just large pores came out.

I guess I was living in ignorance before...and you know the whole thing about ignorance being bliss...turns out they are ALL blackheads. :doubt: But at least they are on the way out. :dance:

Mine won't come out, they sort of came near the surface and now they sit there... psh

PS> Mineral makeup is great, you don't feel guilty about applying it to your skin. But it is not great on dry skin... you'll look like a flake monster

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Hmmm...I have a feeling I will be a flake monster!

So...Day 21

OKay-my skin is SOOOOOOOOOOO fragile right now. :boohoo: I have 3 small scabs on my nose because the skin is so freakin' fragile it cracked and bled overnight. One chin zit that is drying out but taking a long time to heal (I can tell). AND I extracted a milia by my eye at the corner of my nose 2 days ago and I guess while working out today I brushed it with my towel, because when I got into the changeroom it was bleeding. Nice. I wonder who noticed? Not that I mind too much-my gym is frequented mostly by gay men. :doubt:

Hairline zits are clearing up. Forehead and chin area are rough and grainy.

I have a chin zit, two cheek zits, still lots of blackheads on my nose (though they are about half gone) and some milia on my upper eyelids. <-- what causes this? Eyeshadow? :think:

My skin is SCALY. I picked up some Moisturel today on the recommendation of a friend who has been on accutane twice and whose sister is currently on her third course. Hope it works!

I have personally found baby oil applied directly onto shower-wet skin (i.e, don't towel dry first) gives me the SMOOTHEST softest skin ever. It's a bit of a hassle to do very night but I DON'T want my excema back and so far so good (except for the first few days). Also-Emu oil on face at night (moisturel will be for day unless I find it's amazing). I bought a sample of Palmer's Body Oil as well since it smells like COCOA! and I'm liking oiling myself all up at night. :whistle: I'll see if I like it. ON non-oil days I like to use Palmer's cocoa butter in the tub or Lubriderm Advanced Therapy.

Today I ran for 50 minutes (varying between 5.5 and 7.0 mph) and i found I had some bone pain in my left ankle and lateral distal tibia...doesn't seem to be shin splints-I've had those before and tested myself-negative. Whew! :dance: AND my knees did not hurt! :dance::dance: Weights were fine. Heavy back, chest and shoulders.

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Day 23

I never realized I had this many blackheads. They're starting to come out on my forehead and they're just EVERYWHERE! Oh well, at least they're coming out...

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Day 25

I have been drinking way too much

My nose if PEELING off in layers which is leaving red blotches and uncoverable red patches and flaky skin. Yech. BUT my blackheads have all but disappeared so I am HAPPY! A few random zits on my forehead and forehead blackheads. Overall my skin looks clearer and more radiant.

No joint soreness but I haven't worked out in THREE DAYS!!!???? Damn holidays!!

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Blech. More of the same. Peeling nose, blackheads on my foehead that I didn't evn know I had, red marks, and random zits that are healing sooooooooooooooooo slowly.

As far as I remember, accutane the first time did not stop me from working out. I now have a new goal of running a marathon and hope to hell this doesn't affect me. In all honesty, I bet lack of motivation willbe the determining factor and not accutane. Here goes :)

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Day 27

The Good:


AND TO WORK AS WELL (well, i only covered one forehead bumb) :dance:

Lots of forehead blackheads coming out.

Chin and nose are pretty much black-head free now!!

Various small zits in healing mode, and not really even very red.

I ran 5 miles (8km) today in 46 minutes. That works out to an average of a 9.2 minutes/mile, so an average speed of 6.52 miles/hour according to the Pace Converter at Runner's World.com. SWEET. now I need to keep that up for 21.2 more miles. :D A bit of knee pain, but that's normal for me.

The Bad:

The skin on my nose is PEELING off. I was just scratching it today and didn't realize I had done anything to it and I had three big red blotches on my nose of raw skin and a blleding part that had scabbed over. SEXY. They're not even pimples but they look like it! Ahhhhhhh!

PS-I'm still waitning for my minerals! And look forward to using them even if I don't absolutely have to!

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I have a mother pustule growing on my forehead. It's been at least 2 months since I've had a BIG one like this and it hurts. I wore a hat to work today and thank god I have no plans for new years (LOSER). It's on the side of my forehead that DOESN'T break out so this is really weird.

At least mu bangs can cover it-they sweep to that side.

30 min elliptical, & weights-no discomfort or pain

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Day 29

Ok, I got some pics finally, and I'll post them here.

First off, I am aware that I do not have severe acne. I do, however, have painful, persistent, moderate acne, and have been taking Alesse which dramatically helped start the clearing process about 2 months BEFORE I started accutane course #2 on Dec. 1 2006. I happen to have a great derm who prescribed it to me again because I am almost THIRTY (30) YEARS OLD and should not be having to deal with this crap any longer, let alone marks and scars left behind. I do have some scars, but they are white and don't show too much.

Also-I have NO make-up in these pics and they are post-workout, pre-shower grunge-y :) Except the last few.

Without further ado:

Here you see me pre-shower and after having worn a hat all day (excuse the flatter-than-normal hair):


I haven't had a big one like this in a long time...it actually got bigger...and it's painful. You can see the remnants of melasma on my upper cheeks (brownish marks) which have faded DRAMATICALLY in the past few months...next summer will tell if it comes back or not...whatever...the least of my concerns. The marks on my nose are form peeling skin...they're not zits but scabby blood spots because the skin is literally peeling off.


Again. Here you can see the brownish marks from previous acne on my forehead. fading well-they used to be so much worse.


Luckily I wear my hair like this: :dance:



And post-shower...does my hair at least look better?



Now let's compare this to my post-accutane course #1 skin (about 3 months post tane) in summer 2004. My skin was PERFECT here and I want that back. (excuse the bad hair). It might not be as apparent to you as the lighting is different but I totally see it...and remember it...it was SWEET.


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Just an update on exercise. Today I ran a little over 5 miles up and down hills with no extra aches and pains. My usual knee issues that weren't even that bad! :dance: back is fine, ankles, shins, knees, etc. are fine.

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As far as I remember, accutane the first time did not stop me from working out. I now have a new goal of running a marathon and hope to hell this doesn't affect me. In all honesty, I bet lack of motivation willbe the determining factor and not accutane. Here goes :)

Yeah, I'm back to doing the same weights as I did before accutane. I went out and bought a dumbbell set yesterday so now I have no excuse to be slacking since I won't have to rely on actually driving to the gym.

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Good for you! One day I'm going to have a whole workout room in my house :wub:

Day 31

No change...overall skin quality looks better but that big pustule I had on my forehead is now a really red, dry scab. It's going to take forever to fall off and leave a beaut of a red mark. :doubt:

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Hi there, your face looks great to me (even though I'm sure it doesn't to you) but here's to hoping it'll look even greater after this course! :clap: By the way, I love the rat in your pic!! I raised two rats a couple years ago, I love them to bits, but it's so hard to lose them with their short little lifespans :cry:

Anyway, good luck!

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Tell me about it! I'm not sure if I can handle this! And, no my skin isn't too bad, and I am aware of that and thankful. But I still get these nasty things that take forever to go away and are constant...and leave marks... :boohoo:

Still day 31

I got my first canker sore today (accutane gives me these like mad!)

I went running (4.7 miles) and developed a piercing pain in my head...I hesitate to call it a headache since it was such a sharp pain...but it went away after about 10 minutes-I didn't stop running but thought about it. Now that I'm home, it's kind of coming and going again...hmmmmm.... :think:

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Your pictures look great. You are a very pretty young lady. I hope you get all you want out of this course. I am sure you want every last bit of it to go away and it will!


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