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I wanted to share my success with everyone and thank Dan, the moderators, and everyone who has been so kind as to share information, support and advice.

I began CSR on July 24 and have been clear for almost 2 months! I noticed differences about 3 weeks in, but my first totally clear week came after being on the regimen for 2.5 months.


AM -

Wash: Oil of Olay cleansing cloths

Treat: Paula's Choice 2% BHA*

Treat: Neutrogena On the Spot

Moisturize and protect: Eucerin SPF 30 Moisturizer (w/drop of jojoba oil when needed)

Make-up: Everyday Minerals Mineral Makeup ( :wub:)

PM -

Same, except I use Clean and Clear Oil Free Shine Control Moisturizer (w/jojoba drop as needed)

*I slowly added BHA after reading Snow Queen’s posts on BHA and other information about the benefits of BHA in clearing clogged pores. I now consider it an essential part of my regimen as it really combats those nasty little bumps.


I'm in my mid 30s and have had acne since I was 12. It was mild-mild/moderate as a teenager, but in my 20s, I got really lucky. :rolleyes: Ages 26-28, acne became cystic around my jawline. It was truly horrible and it almost makes me cry to think about it. It was caused, I believe, by a combination of coming off of birth control pills and terrible stress due to a difficult life situation.

That phase ended after a couple of years, but acne persisted in a mild-moderate way (always had at least a few fresh pimples, esp during TOTM, and once in a while a cyst). This was embarrassing b/c by then I had a really good job, and it was important to be professional and generally 'with it' in terms of appearance.

For some reason, acne got worse this summer, so I turned to this website, did some research and began the regimen. I decided to stick with it no matter what, for two months, without making major changes or giving up. After ups and downs of doing it, I can truly say that it has been worth it. I cannot believe how my skin looks, even in the harshest of lights that they have in stores/dressing rooms.

I could write a novel about all I’ve learned about my skin and caring for it, but everyone’s skin is different, so I just wanted, again, to thank everyone and maybe provide some encouragement to someone who is struggling. :wub:

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Is this Paula's Choice stuff something you wash your face with or something you leave on your skin? If the latter then that's a lot of stuff for your skin to absorb. I was thinking of using either a BHA cleanser or toner to use underneath the bp.

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The PC would be comparable to a toner-it's liquid that you pat onto your skin. My skin handles it very well. I have read that the SA helps the BP absorb into your skin better, but cannot say for sure. All I know is it works for me.

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That's awesome to hear, libby. I've never tried using BHA and BP together, as I've always been a bit afraid of the results, but I'm glad it worked out for you. Good luck and hopefully you never have to worry about acne again. :D

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Please research BHA on Paula Begoun's websites or read snowqueen's posts here on finding a good BHA. Essentially it's important to find a BHA in a solution of a certain Ph. Otherwise it the product could be useless or even make your situation worse.

I know the one I use is good, but there is another that is available over the counter that is good also. Also, the skincare forum at makeupalley.com can give you some recommendations. :)

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I don't really like buying from the US. I notice Paula's Choice has an EU website and distributor but the way the dollar has collapsed over the past few weeks it might be cheaper to buy from the US website. I'll take a look at UK products first though. I like Biore's other products but I have no idea what the ph of their SA toner is.

Edit: from Paula's Choice website:

Shipping prices are based on weight and start at $29.00 (US funds), depending on the destination.

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