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1st Session Smoothbeam Experience

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I went to see Dr. Robert Weiss in Maryland yesterday for my first Smoothbeam treatment. I had a wonderful experience! He is tremendously kind and informative. Plus, he has the most gorgeous skin that I have ever seen in my entire life biggrin.gif

Anyway, the laser does feel like rubber bands snapping on your face. He let me feel it first before we officially started. I didn't opt for the numbing cream. I did get more sensitive when he worked closer to my eyes and mouth, but I still don't feel the numbing cream is worth it for me in time and money. He zapped me 250 times and worked all over my face taking about 10-15 minutes for the entire process. I was a bit red and blotchy immediately after the procedure. However, I have typical pale Irish skin, so I was expecting it. Within an hour, the redness had died down almost completely. A few small zits I had before treatment had evaporated biggrin.gif I know most say they can't see a difference after the first treatment, but I could immediately see a difference in my skin tone. Moreover, I can see a difference in my red marks this morning. I called everyone in my Rolodex to tell them about my good news.

Oh---I'm a 31 year-old-female with scars from adult acne mainly on my cheeks. I have a few chicken pox scars that I hope to repair, also. My skin is definitely less oily this morning, too.

For me, the treatment is absolutely worth it. I pay $350 per session for my entire face and I'll need 3-4 sessions total. Dr. Weiss is a professor at Johns Hopkins and teaches other doctors how to use lasers. He is often quoted in mags like Allure and Health. I couldn't find any malpractice suits against him either. Plus, he did a wonderful job on my sister-in-law's scars and stretch marks. He's a wonderful doctor and highly recommended by me.

Best of luck to you all! I have my next treatment in December!

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What did he do for your sister-in-law's scars?

What type of improvement did she get?

Thanks, Jane.

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