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6 Sessions of IPL for $500-Should I Go For It?

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Ok, I am tired of taking a break from my scar treatments. I was doing research on spas for a class project(trying to develop a business plan to convince investors to give us money to open a spa) when I came across IPL treatments. I've heard this mentioned in the past, but it seems like not too many on this board have tried it. At $500 for 6, it is something I can afford right now; this is much better than the $2000 I paid for Coolglide Laser. I wanted to know if anyone here has had this done and what it did, if any, for the face. I read that it might help with redness, which would be good for me too since my scars are red too. This price tag makes me want to make an appointment right away. :-k

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I have never seen such a low price for that many treatments with IPL. Definitely a great price! It mainly is supposed to help with overall redness and spider veins.

You can go to rosacea forums to get more opinions. There was one forum that I was on a while back that reviewed V-Beam and IPL treatments by the patients themselves. There sure were a lot of different results for people. IPL was both praised and disdained by different patients, so it probably comes down to the doc's experience and type of IPL equipment, and of course, how your own skin will react to the treatments.

Keep in mind that there are risks with IPL, even though they are often down-played by the docs. I have read about a few people who did get scarred, bruised, hyperpigmented, and even one male whose facial hair didn't grow back thick and normal.

Lastly, my derm, who has rosacea, said it did nothing for her.

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That's cheap! I heard it's good for red marks - apparently, IPL comes with different coloured attachments now and may also help with shallow scars.

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