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Out of 10, how would you rate yourself (lookswise)?

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Um if we are basing ourselves on 10 being like a top model type pretty. Then I would say 5/6 with acne 6/7 without.

I would say 8/9 is a stunningly attractive person!With 10 being basically perfect. I am definatly not stunningly attractive and only know a handful of girls who are.

the way i read it, its just how you would think of yourself. not comparing to a model or anything.

with acne - 7

without - 9

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lol i said a 10 but i'm not that good looking :). i'm just average.

Yeah - but you've gotta say you're a 10 and MEAN IT :D

im just kidding. i know i'm sexy. i look like enrique iglesias

Hahah yess you are seeeexxayyy... deeeeaddd seeexxayyyy... lol

:) tdot you need to be on more, i miss not being able to talk to my online g/f D:

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With acne...I would say maybe 5 out of 10....but this guy said I'm very pretty even with my bad skin

Without acne. i'd say 9 out of 10 .. Sorry but I am really vain. I guess I was "blessed" with acne to humble me. I think I'd be a total slut if I never had severe acne. lol

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Mmm, well, when I'm at my absolute best, y'know, a bit of makeup and my hair done and everything, I'd say a nine or a ten. But when my skin's bad I let everything else go and it goes right down to like, a four or something.

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The thing that is so frustrating is that with acne is one day you can look fine and be like a 7, and the next day you can get a huge breakout and be a 3. There is absolutely no consistency to the way I look. And it really blows.

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haha i dont think that it's showing off at all because no matter what i'm always going to have these scars and marks from the acne so i have a long way to go to even be a 7 anyway.

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