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questions about antibiotic imunity

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I've become imune to every pill I've ever tried, but some worked fairly well for a short while. So my question is, once you get used to something and it stops working, does it just never work again? Can you go back on something several months later and no longer be imune?

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What do you mean you become immune to every pill? Do you mean every antibiotic?

People often become immune to antibiotics because they aren't taking them properly.

There are many people who take minocycline for acne, or rosacea and they've been doing so for over a year and it works fine.

It's important to take the medication at the same time every day, and not take any vitamins or eat/drink dairy products at the same time you take it. It also makes people photosensitive...

Doc's usually advise to not take any vitamins for 2-3 hours prior/after, and dairy products 1 hour prior/after. It "may" effect how the medication is absorbed. (It also makes oral conctraceptives less effective).

Sorry to blab, to answer your question, yes, you can get immune to antibiotics, and doc's usually only give an RX for them when they need to. They shouldn't just be handing them out to you, and not giving you advise or routine...

Starting and stopping treatment, is one way to build immunity. If it's closely monitored, and taken as prescribed, things should go fine.


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agreed. I'm not too big a fan of antibiotics. I took minocycline which worked great for about 5months - best skin ever (even better than now, 6wks in accutane). But i was immune to it after the 6th months. I've heard that antibiotics can also cause reverse effects - making your acne worse!

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Skin bacteria can build up a resistance to antibiotics in a fairly short time span, in some more extreme cases this can be before the end of the recommended course. Some antibiotics are more prone to this than others and each individual is different so there are no fixed time spans. The resistance will wear off over a period of time, once again dependant on the individual but usualy a couple of weeks. However it is best to change onto another antibiotic rather than returning to the original to confuse the skins defence system. Rotating both oral and topical antibiotics can help prevent this as the bacteria is kept guessing somewhat . The time span for this rotation is purely trial and error and highly dependant on the individual. For some people it may take 3 months for an antibiotic to be fully effective on their acne, for others by this time they will have become resistant. In extreme cases some derms prescribe more than one antibiotic at the same time but this is not common.

Hope this is of some help


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