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This worked so well for me!!!

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I just want to thank whoever put the hot water tip on here it has completely cleared my skin!! I was using clearasil products and my skin still looked terrible, i came on here and read a tip about filling the sink with hot water and placing your head in for a minute, I do this twice a day morning and evening and i have found that this really prevents spots and helps the marks left by spots heal much quicker. At first my skin was dry but it has now got used to the process, I have also been going to the gym daily and using the sauna there to detox my skin and i havent had any spots.

so my top tips are

Dont eat fried foods or foods with high sugar

Have your five portions of fruit a day

Drink lots of water

Wash face twice a day in hot water

Use sauna if possible

Dont use chemicals because they rarely work and can make skin worse

Please try this and let me know if it works for you it has taken 2 weeks of keeping to this for my skin to clear but from day one i didnt get anymore spots i was just left with the marks from old ones and had to wait for them to fade.

good luck tom

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he said foods with high sugar. I almost intake no white sugar these days and I do just fine ;), although I do still drink Coke Zero (much better taste than diet coke :D). Most of my sugars come from fruit.

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high sugar as in sweets and fizzy drinks you dont have to give it up just cut it down try to have fruit and veg with every meal

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