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You may notice a small initital breakout.. thats the SA effects by opening your pores and bringing the crap up out of your skin.. it will only last a week at most..

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by opening your pores and bringing crap out of your skin... mmm kayy, that makes no sense. all sa does essentially is help with exfoliation (clearing pores) i dont know how well it does this. I used it in the past, and i even thought it was helpful for a little bit but i decided it was just a coincedence my skin got better after using it. I think the chemicals and all the crap that is in whatever product your using will do more harm than good as far as clearing pores, or keeping them clear really. my advice is to stop putting so much crap on ur face. get a soap and shampoo without SLS in it, wash as many times during the day as u want. if you get a good soap, i really like the soap from carley's (no-acne.com) then it wont dry your skin in the middle of the day. if ur skin is dry use some moisturizer, which should obviously be free of SLS and other comodogenic substances, and of course use 2.5% bp cream day and night. I've found that cutting down on commercial products that are crammed w/crap like sls and cetearth 20 sp? has drastically improved my skin, in terms of moisture and acne. word

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