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Hello, all. Acne(at least i think it was acne), has left me with very many raised scars(keloids, maybe? what exactly is the difference between a keloid and a hypertrophic scar?), mostly on my back and shoulders. The cysts made my skin bleed and scab, and a scar developed afterwards; I do not have *any* pittting or icepick scars at all though, all of them are raised. I had some steroid injections, and they responded(i.e. flattened out) pretty well, and i'm currently using elicina, and despite what others have said, I think it's working alright for me. I'm still *totally* unsatisfied though....

WHAT THE HELL WORKS? Will TCA Cross or Needling have any positive effect on raised scars? Or are these only for pitting? Apparently, this http://www.transitionspmc.com/needling.htm needling place deals with keloids and hypertrophics.

Are any topicals recommended? I've not heard much praise for silicon sheeting(not to mention, I have so many scars of various sizes, that I don't think I could afford it and/or arse myself into cutting out so many little pieces), so is it even worth bothering with?

Please help... This has all made me so massively depressed for the past 8 years or so... Thank you thank you thank you in advance, anyone who can possibly help.

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Oh I hear what you're saying. I got a couple of raised scars; one on my chest and one on my neck. Depressing. The only thing that I have heard about really is silicone gel sheets. I've been mega dosing on B5 and that has gotten my acne under control and has stopped new ones from showing up. But instead of feeling good about that, I feel down because of the raised scars/red marks. I started a thread on this and nobody responded to it.


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I had trhis same problem and cortisone shots flattened them out. They are still red so ive been using copper peptides and peels. Good luck

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I've had the cortisone shots from my derm and they have flattened them out but there still visible which was the depressing thing in the first place. I search quite alot for info on these but haven't found anything promising yet. Forget about gel sheets, i used these for many a month and they made no difference at all. Ballastad you mention needling, what are the expected results with this?

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yeah, i've used silicone sheets and they didn't work for me. perhaps it's because i only used them for like a month, but i lost patience. right now i'm trying smoothbeam on the raised scars as well as pitted scars. not sure if this will do anything tho.

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sick of scars,

where are your raised scars? did you have a consultation with someone about smoothbeam.

and i also had that problem, scars flattened out, but they are still very visible.

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