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Intolerance Food Question

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How do you find out if you have intolerance food? I want to find out if i have any. Is Elimination diet a best way to find out? What about some kind of test? [-(

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Elimination diets are the best way...but are also really hard to do unless you already have an idea of what you may have an intolerance to...

My son and I both have food intolerances. With him,I had to do the elimination thing...hard, hard, hard to do! But, it was very informative and accurate. (Plus he had eczema...it would flare up on his cheeks when he ate something that didn't agree with him...that was nice.)

With me...I just ate normally and kept a log of things like: upset stomach, elevated heart rate, gastrointestinal disturbances, bad breath, head aches, etc... Every time I ate, I would write down what I ate and how I felt afterward (30 min or so). It took a while for me to see patterns form...and it was a pain in the a$$, but it worked.

Good luck!

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Yeah, i believe its pretty challenge. I have been following Perricone Diet but now i realize its not right for me. I still have breakout everyday. So, i stop eating any grain including oatmeal and diary and just eat what is good for my blood type ( only meat, vegetable, fruit, and water). I suspect it could be some kind of fuit i have been eating. Hmm. I have to try different fruit to see which is right for me. Like sticking same fruit for three days to see result. I hope i can find a right plate that wont cause me any breakout. So, I can stick with that plate and re-introduce another food to see which food causes me breakout. I really hope i will find a right plate that wont cause me any. Sighs. [-o<

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Guest fatman_uk

People have told me a Homeopath can do tests on you an find out for you that way.

Least i think that's what they said, heh. 8-[


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