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The last few days my skin feels incredibly itchy, and although I don't scratch it during the day, I find my skin all red and sometimes irritated real bad when I wake up, meaning I scratch it unconsciously at night :( Not to mention the skin itself is pretty dry and flaky! I'm afraid all this scratching may lead to some bad scars, any suggestion on how to...prevent myself from doing it ? :pray:

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aloe vera gel should calm the itchiness...... put it everywhere and lots of it right before bed (let it dry) and you should make it through the night.

I also keep a small bottle of it with me, since I seem to get random spontanious really bad itching on my arms, I throw a tiny bit of aloe on there and it's fine like 5 seconds later and doesn't come back. Fricking miracle if you ask me ;)

I have always had itching problems and over the last month it's gotten worse, now I think I'll have scars on my legs because I didn't find the aloe thing until too late. :(

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i have small patches of really dry skin on my upper arms and calves that are and BOY do they itch! So i carry vaseline around in a small container for my lips and i apply it right on those spots...b/c when they aren't dry they don't itch anymore

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