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I was condsidering bleaching as an option to reduce the darkness of scars! i would bleach the area on my back, shoulders, chest and collor bone where the scars are most visible! :-k

I was wondering what you guyz think about bleeching? :-s

Has anyone ever tried it and does it work? If so, does it look better or just worse and pail?

I'v done a bit of research on this and found that:

:-s Hydroquinone (sp?) is the most effective skin lightening ingredient but not everyone can tolerate it!

:-s Kojic(sp?) acid works well for darker skin types (like my asian skin)!

:-s Glycolic acid can help the bleaching agent penetrate the skin better!

I'm not too sure about using bleaching though! doubt.gif

I appreciate any advice! smile.gif

thanx! biggrin.gif/

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Guest Tracy

Since you have asian skin I would recommend the three products that Maya uses since she is part asian. I'm Italian and have similar discoloration/scarring/redmark issues and I use the same three products.

1) 10% Mandelic Acid Serum (daily)

2) Lactic Acid-instead of glycolic (weekly)

3) Intense Gel from puredeming.com (daily or as often as desired)

I do not recommend any of the items you've mentioned. They didn't work for me and were wrong for my skin type. Hope this helps.

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thanx mate! i'll take note of your products! sorry to ask, but who is maya?

how long have you been using your products and have you seen any difference! (or is it early days yet)

thanx again!

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skin bleaching is bad....it inhibits melanin production in the skin which also takes away the skins natural healing properties. I`ve seen some sick pictures of people who have used skin bleaching creams, they are bad news!

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