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Silicone Gel Sheets

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I've got a couple of raised scars, and I'm looking for something to treat them. Gel sheets are really the only thing I've heard about that is affordable, easy to use, and that sounds promising. Has anybody here used them? Any input would be appreciated. smile.gif

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Hi Flood, i tried these gel sheets(cica care) for 5-6 months continuously and they never made one bit of difference. They always came off when you sweat a little aswell. I went to a derm and he gave me cortisone shots which have made the scars flat with my skin. They've faded a little but are still noticeable.

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Darren how much do cortisone shots cost, do you remember??

I've been trying silicone sheets, but only around a month, and I've skipped wearing it some nights or I ripped it off because it gets itchy. I don't notice any difference. Scammed yet again. Or at least unlucky.

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The sheets have been proven to work and they do. They flatten and smooth out the texture of the scar tissue, they even help fade them. However, they take a long time and the results are gradual not miraculous.

The injectable steroid called kenalog makes immediate improvements in all raised scars. They will flatten the scar as they are an anti inflamitory. But be warned, too high a percentage of kenalog cand and will cause the scar to depress and make a pit. Better to go slowly and err on the side of caution.

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Poohman, my shots cost me £90 for the shots each time(had two sessions). Nottobad is right when he says that the shots may leave a pit but to me i'd be happy with that cos then i could work on the pit area. Like anyone with keloids know, there a really pain in the ass and i'd rather have a pit for the time being rather than a big noticeable keloid. I've heard these sheets have worked on a few people but my keloids are in an awkward position on my chest, which resulted in the sheets coming off when i moved about. Hope this helps. If you need any more info private message me cos i always check my inbow whereas i might not find this post.


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