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reducing BP usage

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Ever since I started using the regimen, i've barely had a single spot. My acne was never that bad, just occasional nasty big spots. The only bad thing about the BP is the occasional skin irritation which can be quite annoying... and recently i've been considering trying just applying the BP at night to avoid irritation during the day.. has anyone ever tried this? As my acne was never that bad, maybe this could be enough to still keep me clear while remaining irritation free.. what do you guys think?

Special thanks to Dan for improving my life greatly by completely irradicating my acne!

- modman

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hey modman,

if you have been clear for awhile then it would probably be a good time to try reducing the BP and see what happens. Some people do just fine on once a day while others need to do it twice a day to stay clear, so you'll just have to see how your skin does.

Every time I've tried to go down to once a day, within a few weeks I begin to have problems, but I've been trying it again and so far so good.

So, give it a shot and see what happens.

Good luck!

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well, its 2 weeks since I started only applying BP to my face once a day in the evening instead of the usual twice. The result has been excellent, still pretty much not a single spot and a big reduction in the side effects of BP. I also started using all natural aloe vera cleanser and moisturizer which works great. so.. anyone who only had mild acne in the first place, give it a try, reducing BP use makes life alot easier!

Thanks again,


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