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last year I all of sudden started to get acne. A year later I still have it and now I need some adivce on where I should go. the acne is only in one location and its been in that one location the whole time which is very annoying considering that my other skin on my face is mostly clear and looks so much better. At first when the zits started i thought more body bar soap and some hard scrubbing will fix that.... I guess not. Now that I am more experienced i tried a few things but none of it helped for too long. I have dry skin. And have never had oily skin in my life. When I moisturize it seems to make it worse. What should I try, it is mostly white heads and small red bumps. It seems like I have tried a lot, what should I do or try?

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My acne didn't really get going until I had my son at 27. So,I can totally relate to the shock of waking up one day with acne and it never going away! #-o

I have learned tons from this board. Hope you do too.

Some things I have picked up:

If you're prone to acne, you're prone to it. It's only by the grace of God you didn't always have it. Can't be "cured" but it can be controlled!

Stress is a major trigger for me...could it be for you? Any major life changes???

Products - even those you have used for years - can irritate your skin. I'm not sure if it's a matter of the formulas being changed or a developing allergy. Think of the area of skin being effected...could it be your toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream, etc??? Ashersmom has great tips on what to look for and alternative brands.

I think moisturizer is a must...to me anyway. But some can really be irritating. I think the aloe question that you posted under anopther topic is a good idea. I tried it a while back. I can't remember the brands (sorry) but one brand was very soothing and the other burned like crazy! (Both claimed to be 100% pure aloe...one was green - didn't irritate me at all, but I tried another brand where the gel was clear because I thought it would be more "pure" - the clear one was like putting liquid fire on my face!) So, my only suggestion would be to use fresh aloe straight from the plant...or if you're like me and have a black thumb, buy a couple different brands and see if you can find a soothing one.

Good luck!

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I did the same thing when I first broke out. I used all the OTC products and dried to dry my face to death. ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) . Bad idea. It may take you some time to experiment, but eventually you should find some products that work for you. I haven't used moisturizes for a couple of years on a regular basis because they break me out. I have really sensitive skin, so if will only use Aloe Vera or Vitamin E oil. I thought I would throw this out there too. It may sound ridiculous, but believe that you will have clear skin. The mind is very powerful, and when you stress out about it it can only get worse. You are your skins worse enemy-most people probably dont even notice it. Dont let a couple spots bring you down!

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I appriciate the replys and thanks for the advice. I try to go out and find some aloe vera wihcih will suit my situation. The more I think about the last 12 months, I cant remember a time when I was putting some kind of SA or BP on my face. During the few weeks I didnt do anything my face did get better than worse, so I know I need to wash it daily, just need something which cleans the skin thourghly and doesnt dry me out at all. Its tought to find but ill try.

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