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Eating cheap meat

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Of the "horror stories" I've heard about cheap meat, most seem to relate to chicken (and particularly the various hormones and crap that it contains).

Now, when I'm in charge of my own food, I know what I'm eating and where it comes from so there's no problem. I always buy organic, usually local stuff. But what if you were forced to eat at a cheap restaurant for several days, where the "meat" could be from anywhere?

What is the "least worst" option in terms of cheap meat dishes (the sorts of meats that end up in kebabs and curries for example)? If it can't be avoided, which? --






Which has the best chance of being "safe"? Instinctively, I think lamb, but with no evidence. Any thoughts?

Thank you people!

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Actually, I believe it's illegal to give hormones to chickens.

No, it isn't. Only organic chickens are not subjected to hormones and antibiotics. Also, their feed is natural.

Read for yourself: http://www.hormel.com/templates/knowledge/...mp;catitemid=24

As a matter of fact in Canada all hormones are illegal but antiobiotics are not and each province are free to make laws more restrictive than this if they want. The website you point to seem to be a company in the USA so probably the law is different for every country.

Here's a quote from the chicken.ca website:

What do chickens normally eat?

All chickens are grain-fed. Their feed consists of grain and protein. About 70% of the feed is corn, wheat or barley with the remaining consisting mostly of soybean meal or canola. Click here for more information.

Are chickens given hormones or steroids?

Chickens are not given any hormones or steroids. They are not available in Canada and their use has been illegal for over 30 years.

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chickens are often fed pallets of protein, manufactured from meat of other animals, in order to enhance their growth. Just try to buy organic, and don't go to resaraunts.

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If its just for several days, can't you eat something else, like veggies and stuff?

If you have to eat those, then I'd say lamb too. Meat doesn't seem to be too available, so chances are that it might not be as chemically/hormonally abused as much as the others.

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I'm pretty sure all farm animals in Canada now can't be fed protein from other animals. I'm 99% damn sure. It was the whole reason why the mad cow thing came to pass, the feed. They changed that and any farmer caught with this kind of feed is in a lot of trouble.

No growth hormones either up here. Some provinces are liberal with antibiotics and some are really anal. It's wierd because in Calgary a lot of the organic stuff is the same price as the other stuff. The exception are things liek eggs. If I go to the co-op the meat is within the same price range and if I get organic apples from the community health store it is usually cheaper than the non organic ones from Safeway. Many times half the price. Go figure.

Oh ya, I'll give you a tip. Go to the source and buy bulk. You can get wild game or bison(All bison are free range where I live) or some free range animals directly from farmers for a lot cheaper than the factory stuff in stores. There are ads in small community newspapers, at farmers markets, or you can contact mayors offices of small towns and they'll know the farmers taht do this, etc... This is assuming you want to shell out 300.00 at once for a quarter or something like deer or whatever. That quarter direct though will be half price than if you bought it in the stores. You can also usually pick up a few dozen eggs that have yolks so dark you will never want to eat any storebought eggs again(Even those 5.00 organic ones).

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