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Before starting the regimen, I slowly built-up my tolerance to benzoyl peroxide by only applying on-the-spot at night, and started with a small amount at first and proceeded to the very large, recommended amount. I kept to this night-only application for a whole month, during which time I did not use any moisturizer and was using a salicylic acid cream to wash my face twice per day.

Even after a month of using a tremendous amount of BP during the evening, no moisturizer, and a supposedly irritating salicylic acid cream, my face was not noticably dry during the day and there was no peeling or anything like that. The acne was improved, and break-outs cleared faster than usual.

But I wasn't completely satisfied, since new pimples were still able to form even after a month's time, which I attributed to not having the BP on for 2/3 of the day and only wearing it at night. So I thought I would try the regimen to the letter at this point, and felt confident that I had given my face a great chance to slowly work into the program during the previous month.

I have done the regimen for one week now, using the Neutrogena Moisture moisturizer twice daily and a generous amount of on-the-spot twice daily, and I also gave up the salicylic acid cream in place of the recommended Purpose bar.

The problem is, after a few days on this program, my face started peeling terribly and right now I think that the peeling and sore/dry feeling is outweighing the benefit of the extra daily addition of BP (since there was no problem with night only application.) And also, dishearteningly, new acne still formed toward the end of the week, and I have a bit more acne today than I did a week ago, plus all of the extra problems.

I feel like I passed the "efficient point" where I get good results with the least effort and side-effects. It takes me a lot of time in the morning to fix the BP/moisturizer so that it looks good and all... time that I never had to spend with night-only application.

However, I'm willing to stay on the regimen to keep the acne even more at bay than I could otherwise, if I knew that this awful peeling would subside. I don't think I could have worked my way up to the large BP dose any better than I did, giving it a whole month's time. If I just keep using a large amt of BP and moisturizer twice daily, will the peeling go away soon?

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