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My uber regimen, the healthy option.

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Well for some reason I decided to start this.. So here it goes.


Age: 18

When did it start: I think it started when I was about 13/14 probably more towards the 14 part. I started to use all the crappy mainstream products like those clearisil wipey pads and all those things. All of which were awful and hurt my skin lol.

I'd also say I have mild to moderate right now, although in the past it has varied a lot.

Well In the summer I came across this website. I had never heard of BP before and was inspired by dan to try it. I think I did it for about two months. I gave up, reasons being it was just horrible to have all that gunk on your face through out the day and I used to get really hot and sweaty at work and it was just urgh. So I stopped.

I then went on to use Acne 101e it was amazing to begin with but after about a month it just kind of stopped don't know why and I ran out of acne 101e soon after, so I decided that wasn't for me. Then I started to run every morning and eat healthy that worked quite well, but I got lazy.

So now... My goal is to get clear before Jan 4th as I'm going to australia for half a year and I really want to be clear as Its a new start and stuff. So I'm trying my best to keep clear. Recently for the past month and a bit say maybe 2 - 3 weeks. I've been doing the dipping method combined with epsom salts for exfoliation and ACV after. Its been working well up until a point where its kind of stopped. My right cheek is clear from pimples but red marks remain, although they are fading which is good. My left cheek is a different story its better than it was, well I think it is, I still get like 1 or 2 pimples a day. It doesn't sound like a lot but they take a long time to fade so it always looks like I have more spots than I really do as most are just fading. So with that said, I'm going to propose my plan.

-Well firstly I think I'm going to stick with the dipping, epsom salts and acv. Its all natural stuff and it seems to be working semi well for me at least.

-I'm going to make smoothies every day which will consist of several fruits and green salady stuff all blended in a nice mush. I will make enough for roughly 2 - 3 small glasses per day. I made one today which was made of: 1 apple, 1 banana, 1 pear, hand full of spinach and a handful of romaine lettuce. It wasn't too bad not as smooth as I wanted but it was ok.

- I plan to eat much healthier as of late my diets been awful. So this is my rough daily guide. Wake up have a cup of green tea, then oats and a hard boiled egg. Then I'll have lunch which will be grilled chicken breast or something like that with a glass of smoothie and maybe some veg as well. And through out the rest of the day other things like tuna veg salad other lean meats and such. I'll try and get all my food directly from its original source if that makes sense. Like carbs and fibre from vegetables as much as possible. Sounds confusing but I think it would be better than getting all your carbs from say bread and pasta.

- Even when I was eatin unhealthy I was drinking at least two litres of water a day so I'll continue with that. My mum buys me a bottle fromt he shop every day and I just keep it in my room, really easy.

- I also plan to have regular sleep patterns such as 11 - 12pm til about 8 am. This will give me plenty of sleep. My sleeping patterns have been awful usually between 2 am - 5 am til about 11 am to 3 pm. Awful.

- I hope to start running as well when I can as it seemed to help me before hand. So i'll give that a shot.

Any way this is the plan I'll try to post every day I can with an update. I hope it works It sounds good on virtual paper but we will see. All I have to do is stick with my plan. I'm a new member here but I was lurking around for quite a while if your wondering wtf where'd this noob come from.

So if you read all of this you were eithe very bord or interested. So thanks for reading. Leave some positive criticism if you want to lol but don't be nasty haha.

I'll also post some pics up this week to show my current state. This is more of a motivation thread for my self than any thing else. I think this should work well =)

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Well yesterday...

-woke up, exfoliated with epsom salts, dipped face in hot water for a few mins and then had a shower. Ate breakfast which was oats, and a microwaved egg lol and some green tea.

- Got home at lunch made a smoothie with apple, banana, pear, spinach and romaine lettuce. Whizzed it together drank a cup and ate a grilled chicken breast.

- Had cheese and potato pie, not the healthiest of options but it wasn't too bad.

- Had another cup of smoothie

-Had a chicken and something pie, like i said before not the healthiest of options lol but was better than other things i guess.

- Had some green tea and the rest of my smoothie

- Went to bed at 12

And today.....

- Woke up, epsom salts, then dip and then shower.

- breakfast, green tea, oats, hard boiled egg lotsa water

- Got home whizzed together 1 pear 1 apple 1 banana spinach and romaine lettuce. I added cod liver oil which was a huge mistake a tiny drop made it taste manky. So I added some nutmeg and another banana and it was tolerable.

- Had lunch which was grilled chicken breast and i tried to grilled some potatoes in my george forman grill lol they kinda puffed up and went weird but i ate them regardless.

- Had some smoothie

- Had an apple

- Later in the evening I had some turkey breat and another cup of smoothie my final one.

- I'm yet to go to bed but im going to go at 11.30.

I've also been drinking at least two litres of water per day. woo. I feel less hungry than I usually do I hope its the smoothies lol.

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