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Chinese herbal medicine works

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I've tried all the counter products and prescription drugs (all levels of antibiotics) for the last 7-8 years, up until my derm told me that I should go on to Accutane, which scared me because of the negative side effects that people experienced.

I finally went to a Chinese medical doctor who was very experienced in practicing chinese medicine. She gave me a list of herbal ingradients. I then went to the local chinese herbal/drug store and got them. It WORKED beautifully, I felt my skin became softer 2 days after I took the medicine. It's been 6 months now, I am almost acne free after 10 yrs of surffering. Even though the chinese medicine takes time to make, it's well worth it. The best thing is that it does NOT have any side effects. And the cure is permanent. The herbals balance your body and hormon. Once is cured, you'll never have to go back for the second course or the third again.

So, if you can get access to any Chinese Town, find a herbal store and ask them to suggest one of the Chinese doctors and get the "prescription" for you.

good luck!

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The amount really depend on each one's body and hormon level. It's definitely safer to see a chinese medicine practice to know for sure the exact amount you would like to take. Unfortunately, not all names have English translations. But I'm sure someone can help you out if you bring it to the chinese herbal store.

Here's the one that I have:

dang3 shen1 15g

bai2 shu4 12g

fu2 ling2 15g

shan1 yao4 15g

huang2 zhi3 15g

sheng1 di4 15g

dan1 pi2 12g

ren4 hong2 30g

ban3 lan2 gen1 15g

mu4 zei2 cao3 15g

dang1 gui1 15g

chi4 shao2 15g

bai2 zhi3 12g

pu3 gong1 ying 30g

ye3 ju2 hua1 15g

sheng1 gan1 cao3 8g

make 1000mL liquid from each package (twice)

take 500mL once in the morning, once at night, empty stomach, twice a day. try 4 packages first to see if there's any reactions to your body.

Again, to be on the safe side, see a chinese doctor first before you take it, use this list as a reference.

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I live in Singapore so chinese medical shops are everywhere.. no problems getting these ingredients. Is it a lot of work making them everyday? Also did the doctor ask you questions about your body before giving u this list? As in, whether you have constipation etc etc. What kind of acne did you have?

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It doesn't take that long everyday to make the medicine. Maybe 1 hr, but you soak the herbs most of the time, so the actual cooking time is very short. The chinese doctor asked me completely different sets of questions than all the derms I've seen. You'll get questions such as if your body feels warm than everybody else, do you sweat a lot, the doctor will "listen" to your kidney, lungs ... The medicine is mainly to cool your body and get rid of all the poisons.

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Where do you live and where did you go? That sounds really interesting, because when my acne was really really really bad, it was also during a period of time when I felt incredibly hot in my upper body(even in the winter... i could go without a coat)... I always thought that there was a connection and that it was hormonal. Now that I'm getting older(23), I guess my hormones are balancing themselves, as I'm beginning to feel what it's like to shiver in cold weather and my acne has also improved a lot.... I would like to banish this forever though, so maybe it would be good to seek out someone in chinese medicine... Do you see this person regularly? If you see them again, could you please do me a favor and ask if s/he recommends anyone in New york/New Jersey/Connecticut? Or better yet, could you maybe give me this person's phone number, so that I could get in touch with them? thanks a lot

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my body always feels warmer than everyone else's and I sweat a lot! What does this mean, I'd really like to know. It started at puberty...

You have any idea coco?

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