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Urgent Help needed - I just dont know what to do?

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Hello all,

This is my first post on this forum! I have been having problems with my acne for yearsss. Being 27 years old, it seems that I get more and more self concious about it as I get older. I am now in great need for some advice. Maybe someone somewhere can help?

I am on week4 of Dans clear skin regime where I apply the BP twice a day every night. However my problem is in regard to something I began to get whilst I had the flu in january. Towards the end of my flu I developed three extremely wierd things:

1. loads of little spots on the corners of my lips.

2. little white "ish" looking bumps around my the edges of my lips which can only be seen when I stretch my lips

3. loads of white/mucousy looking spots all clustered together which looks I duno like a kind of fungus (eww) on the inside edge of my lips. Not behind my lips or on the visible front edge of my lips but you can say in between i.e. if you were to open your lips and see the rest of your lip. This only occurs on the corner to little way up - on my upper lip on both sides.

I hope I am not being ambiguous! But I just dont know what to do about these problems now. As I had mentioned, this all occured after getting quite a severe flu in january. I have tried zovirax, daktarin.. nothing gets rid of these problems!

Whats more.. point 2. has developed further. These little bumps on my upper lip were not visible unless stretched. Two lyed close together causing no visual disturbance (unless stretched). But now a third has grown in between them. It now looks like ive got a small bump on my lip. It can be seen - especially when I smile! I hate it. It appears to be the same as the other bumps but a little bigger.

Can anyone please provide some advice at all? Ive browsed the other threads and responses are varied. Ive seen jessofoliating? SA? amongst others, but do not know much about these. Has anyone had any of these problems? Any advice anyone can provide will be extremely helpful! If required, I could take some pictures to illustrate my problems described above.

Thanks everyone and I look forward to any feedback made at all!


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Hi and welcome!!!

You sound like you are describing something called Fordyce's condition. The spots on the corners of your lips, white "ish" looking bumps around the edges of your lips that you can only see when you stretch your lips, as well as the white mucousy looking spots on the insides if your lips all sound like Fordyce's granules.

Fordyce's granules are etcopic sebaceous glands.......they are just sebaceous glands that are kinda misplaced. they are never associated with a hair follicle like normal sebaceous glands... They usually occur at a mucocutaneous junction like the vermillion boraders of the lips. They are present at birth and show up after puberty or in adulthood.

I have Fordyce's, but mine doesn't effect my lips.....I did have a couple bumps on my lips, but they actually disappeared since I've been on Accutane.....also the other ones I have seem to have gotten smaller.

Another thing I thought of was oral candidiasis, but the Daktarin would have cleared that up. It's not herpes, that usually clears itself up witin a couple weeks and the Zovirax would have helped......since nothing helped it's most likely Fordyce's....which is harmless......

So how do you get rid of it? Well for some reason Accutane made mine go away, but it really wasn't much of a concern for me since mine wasn't really visable to begin with. Light cautery, diathermy or laser vaporization can be used to remove the individual spots if they really bug you. It's a pretty common condition (my fiance has it on his lips too). It's really not even noticible on him....I didn't notice it until I was looking for it because he asked me what the bumps on his lips were..........

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I get the fordyces around the corners of my mouth. I tried messing with them once and it turned into a huge nasty breakout. Never again :|

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little bumps around the mouth are usually because of toothpaste and chapstick...and they cause breakouts.

try making sure you REALLY rinse off toothpaste foam from around your mouth.... and not get chapstick on your skin... just your lips. I would just apply bp to these areas... and then see if they go away

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I know what you guys are talking about, i had those too and being on accutane i kept a close eye on them worried they were going to push their way through.

Some have shrunken and most have vanished!, i used to be paranoid about those.

Edit: mine didnt look like fungus, more like milia, probably was milia. Def. not a fungus.

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