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Help!! Breakouts... while on the regimen...

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Im on the regimen for about a month...

Recently I got 3 huge zits on the right side of my face... which I have never gotten them this BIG for a long time... :( (usually I get less of them and not as huge)

Somehow I was wondering if the Bp has lost its effect on my skin... I am using a lot...

Questions again... how long does it takes to completely clear up?

If my zits are getting bigger does that means something is wrong?

should i extract the pus out from them to make them flat?

Gosh.. Im so worried that maybe the Bp isnt working for me anymore... :)

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i'm feeling the same thing. i've been on the regimen for almost 2 months. I keep getting pimples, seems to be more often as well.. One actually lasted 3 weeks already and is not disappearing. I apply BP to it twice a day also! I'm beginning to think that applying BP to areas where there's no pimples, actually causes it.. (does it?), even though on the website it says to do so.

I had this one bump on my face, i applied BP to it everday, then it stayed there. But i started disregarding that place for about 4 days, and it began shrinking. It could be coincidence but i dunno.

just my input on this :(

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It's probably a good idea to go back and watch the videos again, re-read the regimen, etc. Just make sure you're following everything closely. I often need to remind people in particular to be SUPER GENTLE in application.

BP will not cause acne in places where you don't put it. That's got to be some sort of coincidence. If you're breaking out elsewhere, that's a good place to start application of bp.

If you've been following the regimen EXACTLY as outlined, same products, same method, etc., and you're still breaking out after 2 months, you should definitely stop. Try another method.

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if there was a pimple for example.. and you were to smear BP on it, how would you do it? just let BP wipe onto it so your finger doesn't even touch? or do you actually "rub" and "smear" BP on? Cuase if i keep rubbing, however lightly, and smearing like on the video, I will eventually touch the pimples so much that they would just pop.

I basically sort of cover the pimple with a dab of BP. The bp is basically supposed to disappear (vanishing formula)? But in the morning, my pimples look white, then i take a wet tissue and wipe it a little and all the dried BP comes off. But I can still see white stuff under the pimple, so I don't know if I'm putting too much.. or too little.

btw. how long does it usually take BP to shrink pimples?

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You need to be very gentle in application, but persistent at the same time. It should look as if your skin is not even moving you are touching so gently. Do this for a few minutes, and it'll get absorbed.

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