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shaving and acne - ingrown hairs.. any help?

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do you shave against the grain? never do that cause that will definitely cause ingrown hairs. also if you have curly facial hair that is a big problem for people cause those get ingrown much easier than straight facial hair.. but i saw your pictures on the other board a while ago and it seems you have straight hair.

i can't really think of anything besides making sure you shave only with downstrokes and maybe use some kind of exfoliator like salicylic acid or something to make sure your pores aren't clogged.

i'm sure the others here can give some better advice cause i never really got ingrown hairs except for one every blue moon.

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i have very thick facial hair for an 18 year old. i've noticed that shaving definety worsens acne, and causes a few pimples by itself. that person that said not to shave against the grain obviously doesnt have facial hair like i do, cause if i dont shave against the grain, it looks like i shaved yesterday, and my face will be rough as hell which the girls dont like. i've found that by using my soap (was cetaphil now carleys) instead of shaving cream has helped alot. I think there is a lot of crap in shaving cream that clogs pores and isn't any better than just using soap. Also, i only put the soap on part of my face at a time. like, i'll soap up the upper left side of my face(sideburns to cheeks and down the neck a little) and shave that area, then when i'm done shaving where teh soap is i move on to the next area. This helps a lot because it takes me a while to shave and the soap gets less foamy w/time and irritates my face too. Also, i use mach 3 razors, not the turbo. I've found the turbo did give a closer shave but screwed up your skin, especially shaving against the grain. I dont know about other razors because i've really only ever used these two brands. For the shaving, i go against the grain in long strokes, but you have to be gentile, dont press hard into the skin just to cut more hair. then i'll go against the grain, or perpendicular to it in some cases, very very very gently and in a constant motion w/each stroke. My cheeks also have lots of little very thin hairs, and this is actually where the majority of my acne is. here i dont shave against the grain at all, i've noticed when shaving against the grain where the hair is very thin resulsts in more ingrown hairs. I can't really think of too much else to say... oh ya, when you get an ingrown hair i usually just let it grow untill there is hair noticable on the surface, i then use a pin to free the hair, which usually isn't too hard. if its really hard to get out, dont bother just let it grow and it will come close to the surface eventually. thats its i'm out

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I dont know about against the grain...I have thick facial hair and I get the 5 oclock shadow too. When I was 18 I used to shave against the grain and shave everyday that's when the ingorwn hairs were at its worst. Then I went to a derm. Told me to use a scrub before I shave (Clinique for Men rocks) and for a shaving cream I use either the Clinque Cream shave, but recently I have been using the Avenoo Brand that is meant for ingrowns. It also has soy in it and Mens Health published an article recently saying that soy can reduce hair growth slightly. Anyway, the derm told me to shave everyother day, but I do it like 3-4 days. Yeah I got a shadow and stubble, and some girls complain about it, but I radther flex the rugged look then have the ingrown hairs. He also said to change the blade every 2-3 shaves as well and to make sure to take a hot shower (steam is really what youre after) and to shave after that shower. He even told me to use a hot compress and keep it on for 2-3 minutes before I shave, I did it for a week, it feels good but takes for ever. Then when you shave leave the cream on for 2-3 minutes to really lift the hairs up and then shave WITH the grain, not so hard, not so frequent, etc. Your supposed to give youre beard a month to adjust to the new shaving regimen and then things should look up from there. Yeah if you get an ingrown from time to time and you really can see the hair under the skin then go ahead and flick it out with a needle like the guy above me said, but dont go crazy. Then the derm stressed moisturizing after shaving. I too use the Mach 3 blades and I really havn't got any ingrown hairs anymore which is great! An SA wash will help shed the skin faster, so not a bad idea for face wash. Another sloution that works at reducing razor bumps is somthing called Bump Patrol, do a search on the web you'll find it. Its cheap and the main ingredint is just liquid asprin, but it helps with inflammation. Hope this helps, give it time

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Never shave against the grain,regardless of the strength of growth you have.Your leaving your face open to serious irritation and with acne you'll look like someone thats been out in 40 degrees of sun with no block on after it.

I also have a very strong growth,that looks black after shaving still.

This is common in 60-70% of men and nothing to worry about.

Not all girls like a clean shaven face......actually if there was a survey I would bet that most of the girls would prefer a light stubble on the face.

My girlfriend likes me with some left anyway,and is classed as sexy,and looks kinda cool actually and more manly.I dont like to be bare faced going around and looking like a drag Queen (No offence).

First things first anyway,and thats to stop shaving against the grain.

Theres several factors to a better shave.....first is preparation.

The beard has to be softend and raised so that the blade will take it in its stride.

Wash your face with a suitable facewash that does this.A gentle foaming soap would be best.Work it well in the beard area whilst washing and then rinse with warm water.

Now onto a shave cream........you'll need one thats kind to the skin.

I would recommend Zirh Shave Cream.Its specially designed for people with heavy beards.Its also available in a clear gel for people with problem skin so you can see where your shaving and what spots to avoid etc.

Apply the cream evenly over the beard,not using too much but ensuring the area is fully white.

Shave as normally...with the grain using very hot water.I personally use a Mach 3 Turbo myself as the blades do not clog with the cream and stubble etc.Gillette Sensor Excel is good for people with acne but the blades clog,which is the only fault I had with that.

After shaving rinse your face well with cold water to tone it and it will kill all redness.Apply a suitable moisturiser after shaving to prevent tightness,all over the face.This will in turn keep the face subtle and moist,leaving the bearded area in better condition for future shaves.

Your face should be alot smoother after this routine,although going on the strength of the beard there will be a light darkness but thats just natural,and nothing to worry about.

Also,leaving your beard grow for a few days (say 3) and then shaving,will give you a closer shave,as the beard will be raised and much easier to shave.People that shave everyday are leaving their face open to irritation.

I personally shave every 3 days.

So follow this routine :-

1) Suitable face wash that softens the beard in the process

2) Zirh Shave Cream/Gel

3) Suitable moisturiser

You can do any better than this with the type of growth you have...and remember,not all girls like a shaved baby face.......I guarantee you 2 in every 3 would prefer a light stubble....as its far more manly wink.gif

Stay Cool wink.gif

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thanks very much, ill give that a try

sounds logical... i heard about a good brand of shaving cream on this board from some company, but i cant remember what it was

a lot of people were saying its the best shaving cream for acne prone skin

any ideas?

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I use a high end electric razor, but not the ones with circular rotating blades because when those get dull the pull your hair and it hurts. But i use a norelco, It feels to shave just as close as a razor and you dont have to worry about irritation(unless using rotating blades).

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