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Hello im a newbie! please be gentle!

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Hi there,

been browsing this forum for the last few months for a bit more advice really.

Im 20 years old from Bristol in the UK. Im a sales executive and a semi pro dj

I would say im a pretty good looking lad and ive got a absolutely stunning girlfriend which makes acne even more of a burden to me! If i was single im sure i would cope more!

Ive had mild acne since i left school (16) and when i hit 18 I had one really bad breakout which gave me a boil too which really took a long time to go and its still slightly visible but its under the skin now and not doing any harm. The last 6 months over the summer i had the best skin i could of asked for. No spots, lovely tan and everything was brilliant, but the last 2 months ive had alot more spots that usual which is really frustrating as I thought my acne days are over!

When i was younger i used ethromycin which didnt really help so stopped that.

The last few months ive been using Oxy on the spot bp which seems to work ok. But i think i have found out what is causing the new acne. I changed to a Boots Botanic cleanser which contains Sodium Lauryl sulfate and other ingredients which apparently cause acne??

Im hoping this is the cause as im stopping using this cleanser today and Im ordering dans cleanser and bp next week. I must drink half of the english channel in water every day and I eat pretty healthy so diet wise there isnt much more I can do. I take a multi vit everyday to get most of my essentials.

At the moment I have 1 tiny whitehead on the top of my lip, one small spot on my right cheek and 2 small spots on my forehead but they are all very red. Also been getting a few of my back of recent weeks which ive never had before.

Any advice would be grateful, like i said in the summer i was spot free for months and i never used any type of cleanser, bp etc so im hoping i can find a cause to this as im a very paranoid young lad as u can tell!!

Many thanks and i hope to keep a update

Keep smiling people it will go eventually, mine did for a while!










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welcome to the board! I've only been a member for a week, but I lurked for months :D

Have you tried the "dip" regimen? It seems to work for a lot of guys.

My cleanser has Sodium Laureth Sulfate also; I was worried but I am not breaking out, in fact my skin is clearing up! I think this has to do with the use of Apple Cider Vinegar - which I discovered on this board. Best of luck!

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just be forewarned, for A LOT of people, the dip regimen worked for abut two weeks but then they continued to break out worse and worse. not everyone of course, for some people it works, just be weary.

and its impossible to be chemical free, water is a chemical.

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