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Within the last month and a half I have virutal cut out all dairy from my diet whilst doing the infamous "dipping regimen". I am also on Minocycline and have been for about two months. It's very hard to tell which factor is predominantly responsible although I'm leaning towards diary/mino. I have been getting zero cysts which is surprising. Has anyone else linked dairy products to acne? Oh yeah also whenever I take in a fair amount of sugar I make sure to counteract it with ample water, it seems to dilute the intensity of the sugar on the body system.

edit: forgot to mention I only apply ACV two times about an hour apart back to back at night - it's too early to tell but I'm nearly 100% clear I think it will take a bit of time but I don't want to jump the gun with early celebration - we've all been there before. I will wait until I'm totally clear then make a definitive statement and post pics.

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I don't know about the dairy thing. I had a baby this last spring, and she had really bad colic. I cut out both dairy and wheat from my diet for two months and my skin did NOT improve one bit. Everyone's body is different, just take everything in moderation. Don't get too hung up on the anti-dairy thing. Also, if you do cut it out, it takes a full 2 weeks to get it out of your system completely (so my baby's Dr. said), so if your problem really is the dairy, your skin would probably start improving after the 2 week period. The ACV I'm using is working wonders for me, so it seems, and I've only been using it a week. Try putting a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in your ACV toner.

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For those missing milk, try almond milk or rice milk (I lean towards almond for breakfast cereal and rice milk for cooking). Yum Yum.

Also, ask for dairy free ice cream at the grocery store.. and buy a brand like Soy Delicious. Get a FLAVORED ice cream so that you cannot taste the difference of not having cream. Get chocolate or Mint Chocolate chip... :) Those are pretty good :):)

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