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hi ,

when i was in degree(18-19) i suffered from acne severely on

my nose. i severely suffered from whiteheads. i used to pop acne

by nails. at some point i popped acne and white colored liquid

came out as usually, but this time a hard one in the acne did

not came out. then skin covered and that is remain in the

nose. there is gap in skin layers with air. frequently it

pain. whenever i eat food like chicken, any hot items(oily

foods) it automatically grow and some other acnes also

appears on the nose. and they r painful.

for that i went to a dr. he examined me and prescribe "sotret gel" to me. and i applied this to my nose twice a day for 2 months. then he prescribed sotert tablets along with gel for 3 months.

for his prescription some part with air in the skin is covered but it produced side effects to me like i feel sad and my muscles are suffered pain.

after that prescription period i stopped the medicine, this was 6 months ago.

now i am 24. now(today) also i am suffering the same problem. for this i can not able to eat some food which i like very much.

is there any medicine for this. mainly when ever i eat some thing like chicken or chapatti the next day this problem occurs.

please give some suggestions to me.

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Sounds like you have a food intolerance. Stop eating chicken. (I feel your pain, i had to stop eating shrimp) I assume chapatti is the Indian bread? If you notice breakouts after that you may have a wheat intolerance (pretty common). I'm going to move this to the diet/holistic section and the people there should be able to give you some pertinent advise.

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