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Can anyone help me with my body acne? (PICS)

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I have had a wonderful childhood being able to go to the beach, pool, or just plain old take my shirt off. But i started getting acne in middle school. i am not a junior in high school and have a loving girlfriend who i am self conscious to be around. I have acne on my back, chest, and arms. Currently, I use head n shoulders 2% zinc as body wash but i see little or no effects on my acne and i typically dont suffer break outs. I just have inflamed acne that will not go away after treatment. Could anyone please tell me how to treat this kind of acne?

Pictures as of November 21, 2006:




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use an acne face wash on your body, like neutrogena, or something with tea tree in it. at night rub BP on it, careful it bleaches. i hate BP for the face, but i used to have some BACNE and it always worked as a spot treatment. for marks ask the pharmacist for something with hydroquinone in it. I just realized u have some on your arms, go to LUSH (i swear by this store. No i don't work for them!) and look for these bath bombs, like bubble bath, ask for the calamine one, SOAK in this i'd say like once a week, this is helpful for aggitated angry skin! there is also a soap version called fresh farmacy with calamine, i used it, it was alright, it helped my bacne and for my face it made zits go down, but it made my face almost leathery....

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I work at Lush :P

I would recommend Coalface for acne..it's a black soap which has been known to help problem skin.

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b5 only had moderate effects on my facial acne. i used to have body acne very bad those and i never really tried acne products on it. when i started using b5 i noticed about 2 months later that i didn't have one pimple on my body. i stopped using b5 for about a month and they came back lickity split.

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Guest yankeemix

Dove Body Wash, Deep Moisture

and a body pouf (you can get this at CVS or Walgreen


Use this once a day and your skin will feel soft and clear. This works for me and I have been clear on my back for 10 years. I really do not have any real acne problems on my back chest, arms, or neck. The only time I break out is when I don't use it for a few days. At least use it once a day. Remember this method will take a couple of weeks to work and don't scrub too hard..

hope this helps..if you try this let me know how it went..

Now i wish I can have this success with my face :(

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