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After reading countless of threads, I'm still not sure whats the right treatment I should seek out. I hear of this and that, but not alot of people have satifying results. I'm 20 and currently in college in CA. I had severe acne, as a result, i also have severe scarring. I have uneven skin tone. I have mostly shallow scarring on my left side of the face (it looks bumpy grr), hypetrophic scars on jaw (lots of it), and rolling scars on the right side of the face, and atrophic scar on my forehead.

I'm currently see a dermatologist for my cortisone shot. He prescribed me differin and BP. Even though I dont have acne. He has been injecting small dosage into my hypertrophic scar. It's showing improvement. Still, there is alot of work to be done. I had a needling session. I cant really say I see improvement. I dont think I can unless it's really noticable. Right now I'm using Glycolic peel 40%, 10% Mandelic Acid, Super CP serum, Centrum multivitamin supplement, and tape method. Havent seen noticable improvement from it.

(Thank you for reading this far)

Since money is limited (~$2000), I want it to be money well spent. I'm not looking for perfection, but enough improvement that it doesnt take away from my look. What treatment would u say would yield the highest percentage of improvement? Also, I went to see a surgeon and he suggested a CO2 treatment, but I hear more horror story than sastified results. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank ^_^

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I have had 2 skin needling, 2 subcisions, 4 NLites, 2 excisions and am now doing the TCA CROSS - everything has worked, little by little. I realise I am not one of those - have a few things done and I'm back to normal types - I have to keep going and taking a step at a time. That is the way with the deeply pitted I'm afraid.

I am also using lots of topicals and taking loads of great supplements.

Over the past year, from the above, I have had maybe 40-50% improvements. I don't think just 1 procedure will yield enough improvement if you are heavily scarred, but successive treatments over a period of time will slowly get you the improvements you want.

Just stay with it OK, coz I know how you feel. New procedures seem to be coming up more and more now, hopefully you will find the right ones for you.

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Monsoon....hang in there. Be consistant with small things and you may see results over time.

Have you been on Accutane? Sometimes people who have been on Accutane have a harder time treating their skin (something a few of us have noticed), even when it's been over a year since getting off Accutane.

Most of us get treatment over a period of time....over a few years. I started really attacking my skin issues and scars exactly 2 years ago, and I've had remarkable progress.

Don't give up. You may have to get more than one needling session; most people see the best results after 2 or 3. You definately have to use the Serum and peels over at least a 6 month period to see good results.

I would continue to do everything you are doing and give it several more months. Personally, I think people give up too soon. It's just like I said in a thread not too long ago, I had been using the regular SB serum for 14 months and it's like I just happened to notice that one day the scarred pores on the side of my nose had shrunk drastically and filled in. But for some reason, I just hadn't noticed over that year period that anything was going on.

How long have you been doing your routine? Also keep in mind if you've been on Accutane (even if off it for a year or more), your skin may be tougher to treat. That should be incentive to be even more consistant and diligent.

One thing to add here....if you have keloids, you would definately NOT be a candidate for any kind of laser resurfacing. It could make your scars way worse.

I know it's hard and difficult, but keep doing what you are doing and have loads of patience.

Keep your chin up and know that we all understand your feelings. We have all had very bad, dark, days with lots of crying and hopelessness. We are here for you!

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Raised scars aren't necessarily keloids, and in some cases these are the kinds of scars that ablative lasers actually work for if they are also injected so that they don't come back. But thats just what I've heard from a doctor.

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Thx guys. I took acutane 2 years ago. Although I always live with the motto "Make sure the decision you made today will be the decision you can live with tomorrow." I think actuane wasnt one of em. It left me scars.

I just become barely self-conscious with myself (even though I have scars and acne since throughout HS) eversince a girl was interest in me so I barely started the regimen last summer. I have always been carefree and still is. However, I just dont feel I deserve someone right now. (Im not ready to get a relationship until I love my own self.) This is the biggest insecurity I have. Hopefully, I will do the right treatments (subscision? smoothbeam?) by summer so I can enjoy my senior year of college and onto pharm school without any handicap from getting a girl.

I hope I get more encouragement from more positive feedbacks regarding procedures. ^_^

poohman: I dont think mine are keloids because it isnt big but little bumps.

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Moonsoon: I understand how you feel about this. It's difficult to say what's the best treatment because it depends on your type of scarring.

The best thing that you can do is to see several highly skilled Dermatologists/Plastic Surgeons and get all of their opinions on your particular scarring.

That said, it sounds to me like you have rolling scars (shallow scarring). If that is the case I would follow this plan of action:

1. Subcision & N-Lite

Wait a few months after doing this to see the final result. If not happy then:

2. Needling

I know you have already done this, but I would give it another try after doing subcision. Again, I would wait a few months to see the final results If not happy, then:

3. SmoothBeam

Personally, I would leave CO2 as a final option since there is the possibility of further scarring.

I'm sorry to say this, but for moderate to severe scarring, I have not experienced a topical treatment that noticeably reduces scarring. If topicals are your only option, then I would try:

1. Dermaroller and CP Serum


2. Dermaroller and PureDeming or some other vitamin topical.

I know it's hard, but hang in there. We're here for you. smile.gif

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