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accutane to all natural and everything inbetween

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I took accutane 4 years ago and recently have been experiencing pustule or cystic acne again but I may have some good/helpful news! this may be b/c of some recent life changes but I have a few things to input below.

For the past few years when I had a break out (however minimal)I liked to use clinique foaming facial cleanser when my face "feels oily but not clogged" and an exfoliating wash when I "feel clogged". I also purchased an inexpensive over the counter dermabrasion kit to help exfoliate and it makes the skin feel FANTASTIC.

I just moved; which may explain the sudden cystic break out- I do not have my dermabrasion kit and have switched to a new exfoliating wash as I could not find a familiar brand in my new location. I have found that STRAIGHT TEA TREE OIL (not diluted though it may still help and not dry the skin if diluted) applied right onto the larger more painful and sightly acne marks has a DRAMATIC effect- it shrinks them down very quickly and has not left any marks/scars when they have fully healed.

WARNING: this makes my skin (on that specific spot) very dry and seems to almost dry them right out of my face layer by layer; I usually find myself flaking off small layers for two or three days but then it's no longer a large painful red swollen hard or soft mountain on my face. After 1 to 3 days I have just a (much less) red/pinkish area that is no longer swollen that I have to deal with and clear up. (much better than it was 2 days prior) All of this happens quicker than it has ever taken me to pop one, not pop one and let it heal or apply any medicated anything to them and also does not hurt me at all. I know it is not a complete overnight cure but is the only thing I have been able to do on my own that is remotely close to the steroid injections I have recieved at the doctors office. Since I do not have a bump after 2 or 3 days I may just let it heal the rest of the way on its own and for important events or pictures wear a thin layer of a dusting powder/brozer or make-up of some sort- I do not normally wear make-up.

I also have not seen any discussions about increased water intake; including warm water with fresh lemon squeezed in it- water can help so much; I have also taken vitamin E (ask your doc if you don't know how much to take, I think there are amounts that might be bad at some point)- this helps not only my acne but my skin feel more hydrated, smooth and my joints not hurt as well as my carpal tunnel syndrome not hurt or bother me. Another thing I have grown fond of is rice paper blotters or oil blotters- the rice paper are an older and effective version of the newer oil blotters like clean and clears little blue oil blotting sheets. These help with the sebum on an outward level and won't mess up your make up if you use it gently to blot instead of wiping around on your skin. Exercising and sweating has helped at other points in time as well as eating a lot of fruits and veggies (which I NEED to be doing all the time anyway but don't always do). I have also grown fond of using fruit packs/mud packs as I desire- usually once every few weeks because I don't take the time to do them more often but would like to.

As for dealing with accutane side effects. For the dry, chapped lips I stopped using regular chapstick which is more addicting b/c of the larger amount of chemicals and started using burt's beeswax and other more natural options from the natural food market. I can no longer stand to used regular chapsticks b/c I can actually taste the chemicals now and they do not seem to help for more than a few minutes. I would recommend using as little as possible and if you choose to use one try the beeswax out, it made a world of difference for me. I also switched to aveeno lotions as they are more natural and leave less chemicals in your skin and feel better as a result. Try and see for yourself if you ever get the chance; it may not be a huge change but I feel that every little bit helps.

Good luck, I hope I have been able to help some, especially if anyone is wanting to get pregnant and does not want the chemicals so much.

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