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Avodart(Duasteride) the cure ?

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WOW ! i can say just about all my acne is gone.My back,my face,forehead is clearer and drier then it has been in years !

I've been using this drug for temporal hairloss recession...and a VERY nice side-effect is acne reduction and it didnt take long.

How does it work ? Its a dual alpha-reductase inhibitor attacking Type 1 and Type 2 enzymes.I believe this is the ONLY drug in the world that does this.

The type 2 is responsible for male hairloss and Type 1 is directly responsible for acne/oil ,etc.So it basically kills a few birds with 1 pill.

Just a note ...this drug has only been approved by FDA for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia and long term data is not yet out.

Is anyone else taking this medication ? Its relatively new so maybe not too many have heard of it.

Here is the website



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I took that freakin' drug....I was on propecia for 2 years and then I heard about Dut, and was like its stronger and is a dual 5ar inhibiter so why not. I have been off it for 1.5 months and I feel SO much better. Not to mention it didn't help my hair at all. Apparently a FEW people are good responders and the rest aren't. I gave it 8 months and just couldn't take it anymore. However, the reason why I hate is, becuase I had a HUGE increase in acne. I never had acne. I never visted these boards until now. The thing about Dut is that its extremely powerful drug. What can happen is reflex hyperandrocity. It never made my skin dry it made it SO damn oily. The relfex is when youre hormones get all out of whack and start to produce my testosterone, in my case a lot more. Some men are more sensitve to the flux than others, so it just sucks. The thing of it is I am not the only one either, nor are you the only to state that youre skin is better. All I know is I had bad acne from it, and everytime I looke in the mirror I looked liked I haven't slept in years. it was bad. And I have to wait forever to get this drug out of my system, becuase of the long half life. Youre lucky, but just be careful. it wasn't approved for hairloss for a reason and if thats why youre on it, then good luck, but I would look here first.... http://www.hairsite4.com/dc/dcboard.php?az...topics&forum=11

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I got a script from my family doctor.I simply told him it was similar to Propecia but works better.I also made a copy and brought along the sheet(in the website) that shows the phase 2 trials and it wasnt a problem for me.And my insurance covers most of it so thats nice bonus since its pretty expensive(3 month supply/200-300 bucks).

But if you cant get a script,i mean common you can get just about anything over the internet.

Like here www.medicalwellnesscenter.com

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Just wanted to add - cant say enough about how well i've responded.I had horrible acne all over my back,face,forehead and it is all clear like a baby's tush now.

I believe ladies CANNOT take this drug but for you fellas i would give it a shot.Try it out for a few months.

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