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Clindamycin resistance? For Benzaclin & Duac users...

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Hey guys,

Benzaclin cleared me for several months - Then it just wasn't working like it used to. I started getting whiteheads and it took longer to kill them. After trying the CSR for months and realizing it doesn't work for me, I switched back to Benzaclin.

Now did Benzaclin stop working like it used to because of a resistance to Clindamycin? Also - If your skin develops a resistance, can you put down the product and use it again in the future? If so, when, and will it have the same effects as when I started? (kind of like a new beginning)

I'm giving it another try but I just don't know if it'll have the same kick. It upsets me that such a good product would stop working.

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Maybe you should switch to Erythromicyn or Benzamycin a mix of BP and Erythromycin.

Clyndamycin stoped working on me after some time, so doc gave me erythromycin but now I'm trying the Benzamycin and I like it even though it is tough on the skin as it causes a lot of peeling but kills the zits fast.

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very unlikely its a resistance, due to the half life of clindamycin is between 2 and 5 hours and is applied to the skin so it doesnt get into the bloodstream enough to become rsistant.

you may just be clearish and think your gels doesnt work because your clear and dont see a "noticeable" improvement.

stick with duac/benzaclin i think that duac is the best bp gel that anyone can get, due to its non dryness, no redness, abilty to get rid of acne quickly, added clindamycin :)

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