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proactiv doesnt work, what else to do?

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Ok I am 18 and I've had acne since I was 15. I've been using proactiv ever since and it seemed to work fine for the first year, and after that, it really made my skin really bad. And now it seems that I am getting more breakouts than before. It seems as if it keeps getting worse, and worse as I keep using proactiv. I am going to stop using proactiv today, proactiv just makes it worse. I've read the other posts too and it seems to some people that proactiv doesnt work either. I am very frustrated, what else can I do? I might think of using the regimin, but all the over the counter stuff that I have tried so far never seems to work. Please I need help. Thank you.

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Maybe it's time to go the dermotologist...or try DKR and go to the derm.

Also is Proactiv irritating you or do you think it's BP in general? Or is Proactiv just not controlling your acne? If you suspect it could be BP then be careful with it in DKR. Start with a low dose & maybe just in a small area. Maybe give a week with no BP before you try DKR too. Still, I would reccomend a doctor first if you think this is an allergic reaction to BP. You dont want to do anymore damage.

Make a list of all the over the counter products & anything you've tried to clear your skin & take it to the derm so the derm can see it & maybe he/she will give you a prescription for something better.

Anyhow, my experience with Proactiv isnt that it made me worse, but it stopped working. DKR has helped, but if I'm not fully clear in a month I am going to a dermatologist (I'm looking into health insurance as we speak...).

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