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so I have been using CSR since oct/31 (yes, i know... a very short time) and my skin has only gotten worse than before. I follow the regime religously everyday. The only time i messed up was when I was using "clear complexion" foundation by Almay. It contains salicylic acid... and was making my skin break out more. My only real problems are my cheeks. They break out anywhere from like cysts to whiteheads on a DAILY BASIS! its so frusterating... and then on top of the nasty breakouts is HORRIBLE dry skin. its really hard to put makeup on over dry, flaky skin too. I HAVE to use this product called "clinuque clarifying lotion 2" its ike a astringent (you put it on a cotton ball) and it swipes off some of the dead skin. I know its not included in the regime, but i have to use it to get some of the dry skin off. I figured i was going to try jojoba oil since i have heard it controls oil and flakiness. I am getting ready to go shopping soon, so if you guys could recommend any good products I would apprecaite it.

here is exactly what i do am/pm:


wash with cetaphil "gentle" cleanser

Clinuque clarifying lotion 2 (exfoliant)


Aveeno "positively radiant" moisterizer with spf15

I also use "fresh look" foundation for oil/shine control


wash with cetaphil "gentle" cleanser


cetaphil "dry sensitive" mosterizing cream

if iam doing anything wrong.... please tell me.

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I did the CSR for two months and had the same problem - my skin got worse. I have senstive skin and it simply could not tolerate even 2.5% BP. I have had much better luck since I switched from using Cetaphil cleanser to Basis Cleanser (Cleaner Clean). A week ago I booted my toner out and switched to 1:3 apple cider vinegar / water toner and I have been having GREAT LUCK with this regimen :dance: . I use Cetaphil moisturizer, but only in the a.m., and just a few drops (I have oily skin). My skin seems to love me now, it seems! I was using the Almay makeup too, and gave it the boot about a month ago.

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How odd, I wrote a reply to this and I dunno where it's gone!

I would stop using the Clinique exfoliator right away.

If you need to stop the flakes then use a gentle exfoliator, even sugar can do the trick but an AHA moisturiser is probably the best method.

Jojoba oil is good to keep your skin soft and moisturiserd.

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