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Need info on DKR.

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Hmm, so for some time I've been using a lot of over the topic products since the 9th grade. I was really quite the idiot back then. I had 1 or 2 pimples and I got crazy over it.. I'm a guy. But since then, my face is HORRIBLE looking. I'm in the eleventh grade now. I switched to proactiv (was using it for more than four months) and all it really did was make my face look worse. Honestly though, it did smooth my skin out but it kind of dried the skin a lot, also. It never got rid of the marks and left over spots where the pimples were but it always seems my face breaks out a week later, all over again... Ugh.

So, I'm planning on ordering Dan Kern's Regimen tomorrow and hoping this really will be the one for me! I've had acne for a year and a half now, and it's only getting worse. But I went to his website, but there is no picture for the moisturizer, or a price. If I order his product, will it include the moisturizer or will I have to buy one seperately? If so, which will you recommend? And if you want, please give me your opinions on this product. I read in other topics saying this has worked wonders, so I'm looking forward to buying it.

Other questions I have concerns with. After I place the cleanser on, should I rinse it in warm water, and pat with towel? I always believe using a towel to dry your face kind of makes it worse. I'm really desperate for this stuff. I'm planning on starting to work out again, because I heard exercise keeps the blood in your face flowing with helps prevent acne in some way, and so does drinking 8 glasses of water.


Thanks. :pray:

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Hi and wecome!

yes, this works very well for mild to moderate acne when followed precisely twice each day.

I think the success stories say alot about how effective the DKR is.


As for moisturizers, you can choose your own for now since Dan is still formulating one for us to use.

I will link you to the recommended moisturizers. http://www.acne.org/findingsupplies.php just scroll down to the moisturizer section.

To answer your question about using a towel. I use a clean towel each time I wash. I never reuse a towel several times.

So, you wash, rinse, and pat dry with a clean towel.

Hope this helps!

Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply. I have been using the aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. I don't know if that was effecting the breakouts, but I always use it when my skin becomes really irritated and dry.

And about twice a day, I might use it once a day and work my way up to two times a day. I remember using proactiv twice a day and that was drying my face out completely, especially using that face mask which sucked. Unless you recommend me using DKR twice a day. Is it smooth, and calm on the skin? I'll try it out the day I get it, and if my face feels great after using it, I'll possibly use it again before I go to sleep or whenever.

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You'll want to start out slow. Use about 1/4 of the recommended amount of BP for the first week, once or twice a day. Then gradually you will want to work it up to the full finger worth by week 4. If you get clear using it only once a day, then consider yourself lucky! Most people need to do it twice daily to achieve adequate clearing.

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Well, it's really smoothing out my skin! The pimples clear up really fast so it's a definite must try. I'm getting like, 2 pimples on the left side of my face but they're almost completely gone (being smooth). My right side is really smooth. I hear it will break out a bit before it actually starts to take into complete effect. Probably by christmas, my skin will be clear! Let's hope so.

I watched how to use Dan Kern's regimen, and I believe he's right. Only wash your face with the cleanser for 10 seconds at the maximum gently, and wash it off gently. Pat your face dry (not hard, but soft) and then apply a SMALL amount of BP gel (around 1/4 of one finger),dab it on and smoothly and lightly rub it in. On day 3, you'll most likely need a moisturizer. I'm using the Aveeno Moisturing Lotion. I also need to start drinking more water than I usually do, which will help. I HAVE been drinking more water than I ever have before, though. Hmm, I'll post my results again in about 4-5 days.

Good luck to you, too. Hope it's the right one for you, and the same goes for me.

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