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Question about facials and extractions

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I've been thinking about getting a facial for some time now to get these whiteheads extracted. I'm just curious for anyone who's had this done, how long did it take for all the swelling or redness etc to go down? I imagine all the poking will give me tonnes of red dots for a few days...right? Easy to cover? Should I hide out for a week or...?


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if the aesthetician is good - 2 hours

if she's bad - 2 days

the thing is that a good aesthetician will always propose a few sessions in a few weeks if you've got lot of junk. she will never try to extract it all at once - it can lead to over-irritated skin and everything that goes with it, even scars

if she's being gentle enough and never overdoes it (meaning can see the point where your skin will get irritated and stop there, and continue a week later w/ the rest of them) than you can go home and wake up in the morning w/ nothing that can reveal that you've been to an aesthetician except clearer skin

she has to be very gentle, prepare your skin good (soften it with special lamps and maybe massage, never steaming!), use gentle pressure and only use a needle when really necessary

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Sounds good to me!!! This facialist has been very highly recommended to me so hopefully she can get rid of all these terrible whiteheads that have been invading my face.

Thanks for the info!

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I'm curious about the no steaming bit as well!

I think the redness also depends on how sensitive your skin is. Now that i'm on Accutane, it takes a day for me to heal completely and my esthetician is extremely gently....but i still get a lot of redness and some bumps which disappear after a day.

Sometimes they even schedule another compliementary session like for 20 or 30 mins to extract the rest of the gunk that didnt come out the first session.

And i find my skin texture so much better after a facial...makeup glides on and stays on, so don't worry about it.

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Don't let her extract an inflamed pimple (pustule). In my experience it just leaves a big red spot & the pimpl comes back larger & worse later.

Some people like extractions for comedal acne (whiteheads & blackheads), which I have not experienced since that is not my general kind of acne.

The best facial I ever had used no steam or extractions, but just gentle, mostly natural products. My skin looked as good as it could with the breakouts I had, which also seemed to heal faster afterwards. Whereas when I had a facial that used steam & extractions my face was worsened for a month. I had redness & irritation that was only soothed by my good facial. I had a horrible flareup with large inflamed pimples too. Everyone's skin is different of course.

If you have a good esthetician, then I agree with people here who say any redness should not last long. And just in my personal opinion, I wouldnt let her do any extracting of inflamed zits.

Hope it goes well for you.

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