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Trying out a new esthetician

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My skin looks great! no new breakouts and the texture is way smoother. I've been seeing Laura at Face Reality in San Leandro and I feel the products are working. It is a balance with keeping my skin from becoming too dry, but my skin is def. adapting to the products. So I am on 5% bp, a salicylic gel and toner, and a bp acne wash and it seems to be doing the trick. I am not quite out of the danger zone yet because she said pimples can take up to 90 days to appear. I have about 2 months to go until then. Hooray!

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That's great that you are clearing up so quickly! So, you've been going to Laura for about a month then? I think I saw the most results during the second and third months. I hear you on the dryness/clearness balance. The dryness and peeling still sneak up on me sometimes!

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Sorry for the delay! I have been so busy. The texture of my skin is so much smoother. I have lots of sun damage and it has lightened up considerably. We do peels every couple of weeks and Laura has me on a skin lightener. My acne is reduced but I still have an occassional fare up which is probaby from hormones. Overall I am really happy with the results. I strongly suggest anyone with acne to visit Face Reality Skin Care because this is the first thing in 17 years which has worked and my skin looks so much better. I have been getting a lot of compliements, too! That's a first.

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