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My Story...and plea for help and advice

My face is improving, its just a bunch of red marks now(how do you get rid of those? do you just wait it out?) but my main concern is my back, sleeping is a pain! Everyday when I wake up, I look at my sheets and there are a bunch of red spots all over them. It hurts to put a backpack on too and I hate when friends pat my back and it starts bleeding.

I never wear white shirts.

try to get some gentle body clenser. like something from a hippi store. idk...im using retin gel and its worked for my back. all i have are really dark scars

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Overall, my backs been improving, I bleed alot less and have been washing it with a gentle anti-acne body wash. I think its working. Maybe I can finally wear white soon

oh yeah, and I also recommend accutane, Only side effect I got was dryness which I control with moturization and a few nose bleeds and with a the unlucky 1% they withdraw them from the medicine at the first sign of detriment.

oh i haven't read this post yet...

yay! white

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Hey Persiandude, I feel for you man, I hope it gets better soon.

You've tried topicals with no success, you're not o accutane and I'm sure it will work.

My only suggestion is diet, it CAN have a huge effect for some people, I've been on the paleo diet for 2 weeks and seeing great results.

Good luck!

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Hi. :angel:

Thank you for sharing that. It seems like you are trying to remain positive though it naturally still affects you and I think that's really great.

I wish I had advice to offer but I simply wanted to wish you the best. I was wondering, is it safe to take Accutane and Mino at the same time? I suppose it must be if he recommended you use them simultaneously but I wasn't sure.

I'm really sorry to hear that you had to quit something you really enjoyed.

Can I ask what you're using on your face right now? Also, for your back, it sounds quite severe but I thought to suggest a body wash in the case a simple thing like this might help even a little. I had used an acne body wash at one point but it only made my skin itchy and didn't help the acne. I really am not big on body washes in the first place but I ended up buying Aveeno's Skin Relief Body Wash to try to sooth the itchiness and it did feel better, and to my surprise, it also seemed to help with the acne. This may not make a difference but I thought to share it, in the case you wanted to try it. I used a large loofa on a stick, made to reach the back and other areas, put some of the body wash on it, lathered and gently rubbed it on my skin. You might even want to consider taking a bath in Aveeno's Soothing Bath Treatment every so often to see if it might help. I actually use the powder from the bath treatment, mixed with two other natural ingredients, and wash my face with this sometimes.

Hang in there, and good luck. I hope it gets better.

Hey guys,

I am currently 14 but My acne came around at about 12. Coming from a wide family history of acne prone skin, it was inevitable that i would get it as well. At 12-14 my acne was quite mild and my parents got me on a head start to treating it with the Benz P and Sal acid. Everything was fine, and it crept slowly from my forehead, into my cheeks but it was pretty mild, nothing to pause at at all. At about the end of eight grade summer, the Severe cysts and nodules hit me like a tsunami. My face became a totally red and bumby all over. My face has become a wartorn land where the acne was winning. Now Im a wrestler and have been training for it since 5th grade. Wrestling is my passion and I loved the sport. when I started high school wrestling, we trained hard. Really hard, wrestling took up 3 hours of my day and pushed me to my limits each of those days, sweating hard. My acne got even worse and the pre existing acne on my back scabbed, and bled, after every match every practice, it was disgusting and quite embarrasing to be wrestling with someone and stain their shirt with my blood and getting sent off to the bathroom day after day. I was disquallified from matches becuase I couldnt get it to stop bleeding.

Needless to say, I was forced to quit.

That in itself sucked hard I had to go to a PE, where I was way overdeveloped and made me feel out of place, but at least I thought my acne would go away in a month. It didnt, and got worse. My dad told me thats how he looked when he was my age and that didnt help. Later, I figured that it was my own genes that made it this severe, not the wrestling. Anyways, i researched and acne and learned TONS, i spent hours on the internet and learned all the medications, treatments, and info on it. Finaly, I got a referal to the dermatologist. I knew what he was gonna say.

As soon as he burst through the door, he looked at my face and said "Accutane!" without even pausing or saying hi. He even handed out blatant insults such as when we asked him about the side effects he said "If my son looked like THAT I would put him on accutane FOR SURE, but do what you want." So I have been on it for a month, the side effects i got were flaky dry skin, chapped lips, bloody nose, stiff joints. I then went back to the doctor, and he also puts me on minocyclin at the same time and now im on day 40 of accutane and day 10 of minocyclin.

Im not the kind of person who is low in self-esteem, far from it, but it really does affect my social life. I'm a pretty good looking guy without acne and am pretty buff and have had success with girls, but with it, if i go up to a an even slightly pretty girl, the reply to something as simple as "hi" is pretty disheartening. The girls that say "eww" does show that theyre likely very shallow, but still....

And also I cant go to the beach for 4 months, becuase of accutane, and if i did, my bacne blood would probably attract every shark within a 100 mile radius lol.

So anyways, what I have come here to ask is if ANYONE here has gone from severely acne prone to completely CLEAR skin and how they did it. Im hoping accutane works but its still just temporary.

PS: These are the things I have tried before accutane

Benzoyal peroxide (MULTIPLE brands)

Salycilic Acid

Vitamin E, aloe vera



Herbal supplements

Colon detox(i may have done it wrong)


Hydrogen Peroxide

Acidophillus Supplements (still taking)

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Sorry, just caught up to some more posts.

Lol, the doctor called us today and just told me he forgot to refer me for a blood test becuase of accutane. wow, we dropped him for sure after that. I got a new derm adn he said that minocyclin with the accutane could have definatly increased chances of side effects and was not worth the risk becuase accutane would work well enough on its own. The new derm is definatly better, he even gave us some of his own brand of cleanser for free, pretty nice guy. Im glad i made the change, thanks for helping me out!

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Glad to hear your back is improving. Which body wash are you using?

Ive been trying numerous products now, recommended and otherwise, some work some dont

One thing be said, scrubs are horrible and increase irritation ridiculously.

The one im currently using is this one papaya enzyme extract thing made by my doctor.

Got this giant multi-cyst inflamation on my face though overnight....

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