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SSRI with Accutane?

I have researched drug interaction and have yet to turn anything up as to whether or not they can be used simultaneously.

For the first two months on accutane I felt great, but then last week my doctor moved me up to 80 mg a day. Today when I woke up I felt a bit down and it is really scaring me. The worst part is I'm afraid to admit it to my family/friends for fear of my doctor pulling me off of the drug.

Could an SSRI such as Zoloft hopefully control some of those feelings of despair? Thanks a lot; long time lurker, first time poster.

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Guest adele morgan

I've been taking Cipralex (that's the Canadian name for the antidepressant) for about one month, and have been on Accutane a bit more than 2 months. My doctor said there shouldn't be a problem, and so far there hasn't been. Not sure if there are particular types of antidepressants that won't interact badly with the 'tane, though

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theres ups and downs to your mood, its normal, especially while on accutane. dont worry about taking anti depressants, i dont think its a good idea to mix, especially since anti depressants come with their own bag of side effects.

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