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Will be 21! yay?

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Iam excited yet feel too old now , iam feeling a bit depressed because first iam still going through acne after all these years , and second because iam still how iam...still shy and quiet and with not alot of friends

Happy because my acne has imporved alot since then and the redness as well from all the peelings/treatments i did the past year or years actually :doh: , and me changing my hair style , getting lenses and changing my style and all...i did improve a bit but still...

Now that iam turning 21 iam thinking to change my clothing style , ( i usually wear or always actually wear causual clothes , shirts and jeans , speicaly from those (hollister...etc tores) and no iam not a "prep" or w.e that is , dont stereo type . Anyways...recently i've been thinking that this style is more for teenagers than for young adult like me , iam thinking to be more dressy which iam not used to it but i guess i should try? i dont wear highheels because iam tall enough and well i cant walk with them :lol: so shoes are more comfy to me but i guess i need to change that as well

Well iams till thinking about being 21 means going out to clubs or bars , and well not having friends to go with , (i have one friend but she is leaving for a holiday to her country on my b-day) and well i dont know what will i do until she gets back , but is it fun or okay to go alone to bars at least? i am too shy and quiet...and also i hate the smell of smoke and cant stand it ( i have asthma) so it could kill me if i hanged out there for sometime , but still i will be 21! :cry: i dont know what to do for my b-day and what i should do as a 21 year old girl .

Anyone have any good ides for my b-day ? my b-day is on the 30th of this month , help? lol and um about my style , what should i do? what else i can improve this year? my face ofcourse but i need other good ideas...

__ Opps , i just noticed i sent it on the wrong forum , should i delete it or let a mod do the job? sorry.

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Don't try and feel you need to dress too old though!Casual can become more smart casual, less trainers and combats and more skinny leg jeans and flat boots etc. Accessories can make a big difference. If I don't want to be too casual but it's still the day I might wear some skinny leg jeans, flat boots, and make sure i have some cool beads and bangles on. Check the picture bottom of page. I like that outfit. I dunno if english and american fashion always equates to the same thing though.

Also I love flat shoes, have loads of ballet pump type ones.....have just got these

silver flats

they are still comfy but not too casual......good bags too. Nice structured bags can make an outfit look smarter.


I could go on forever about clothes though so I'll stop now.......get reading some magazines for ideas!

As far as the going out is concerned I would be cautious about going to bars alone, you may get unwanted attention. It seems weird you can't drink until 21 in the states.......is it hard to get in bars ever before that?Here it's 18 but from about 16 we would try and blag our way into clubs and there were certain pubs we could always drink in and wouldn't care.




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my 21st is a few days after yours! happy birthday!

ummm as far as clothing styles...ive started to not wear flip flops as much and have tried to wear more grown up shoes with my jeans and pants. im trying not to wear just jeans and tshirts and actually have a style iwth my clothing. layers seem to be good and just sweaters and such...i really dont know hahah

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Celebrate your birthday with family and friends who really care about you. Because in the long run that's what reallly counts. What ever you do, have a good time doin it!!

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Hey wow, being similiar like the user pizza spawn, i'm just like you :)

I'm 19 and forever thinking i need to change this and that but nope i got nowhere because of acne :(

No confident etc. I have never enter a club despite my close friend telling me to because i feel lousy :(

I try to be low-profile so ppl don't notice me (acne :() and when i dressed slightly different, my friends would comment about it :lol:

I'm not a fashion guru :lol: but I think you should try for the dressy style ;) All the best! And i hope you will have a great 21! Advance happy birthday!! :dance:

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