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vitamin E help

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I wanted to know if anyone has put Vitamin E oil on their face to treat scars. It's always been a major rule of mine to keep oil away from my skin in fear of break outs but now I was considering Vitamin E oil and wanted to know if anyone with sensitive skin handled it well. THanks!

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I know rosehip oil aids in healing. I have used it without breaking out. Im guessing rosehip oil contains vitamin E.

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I am putting jojoba oil in my face for 1 month. It has vitamin E in it, although I don't know how much...

I haven't seen any improvement with my red marks yet, I've heard jojoba oil doesn't help that much either (I use it as a moisturizer anyways).

So, 2 days ago, I started adding a bit of vitamin E oil (Nutra-E 28000 IU) on those 3-5 red marks on my face. Vitamin E helps healing but I guess I need to wait more to give you a useful answer lol...

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hey noroshi!

a couple of weeks ago i broke out in cystic zits, then i got hideous redmarks from them

I've been using pure vitamin E oil (56,000 IU) i bought from longs drugs... its amazing! It didnt break me out at all and I have VERY break-out prone skin. It reduced redmarks SO MUCh for me, as well it prevented the cystic zits from spreading and infecting new skin! I really liked that, because before, it was like I was getting new one every day, and it just halted them altogether.

So my advice, vitamin E is very good for the skin, people have taken it orally in capsules, broken capsules and put it on their face, and just bought the pure stuff from drug stores. Mine was 10 bucks for 2 oz, but its lasted me 2 years and its still half-full. I was actually given capsules after I had surgery (wisdom tooth removal) because there were stretch marks and little cracks all over my cheeks, the nurse said i should put it on 3x a day and they healed! Thats how i discovered it.

I'm gonna post my results on vitamin E fading them, look out for my post.

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