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I am getting Accutane tomorow, have a few simple questions.

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I am finally getting Accutane after 9 months of waiting. I am really excited about it, and want to do everything right. I am perscribed 40mg a day to start for the first month. My derm. said that I should, "Take both in the morning" I am assuming that this means I will be getting 80 pills at 20mg, and to take them both at the same time. I will contact her before I start to make sure that is what she means. Anyways, my main question is: What do I need when I am on Accutane? I got a sheet on what I should get for some of the side effects, but I thought that everyone on here would have this disscused already and would have some suggestions for me. I have browsed around only to find conflicting messages. If anyone here can me here it would be much apreciated.

Thank you very much for your time.

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Both pills in the morning? That's absurd. If anything take both pills at night. Accutane is absorbed with foods (especially fat), therefore it's better to take it with full meals - dinner.

I'm on 40mg a day (20mg morning/20mg night). You won't be able to use BP or any other topical acne-elements (acids,peroxide, retnoids), etc. while on accutane, as your skin will be very sensitive. Although, I found out that ALOE VERA can be replaced as a topical gel!

My regime:

Some people go through the trouble of washing their face, but what's the point of you're washing it with dirty hands?

HINT: Wash your hands with your face-cleanser for 30seconds before touching your face...IT'S WORTH IT!


1.Shower, splash warm water on face every few seconds


3.Wash with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

4. Spread a thin layer of Fruit of the Earth's Aloe Vera 100% Gel (found at rite-aid) over the infected areas (my whole face sad.gif)


1. Splash warm water on face for about 30seconds, then 2 splashes of cold water

2. Apply Aloe Vera to active pimples only


1. Shower

2. Wash with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

4. Spread a semi-thin layer of Fruit of the Earth's Aloe Vera 100% Gel (found at rite-aid) over the infected areas (my whole face sad.gif)

You may or may not get an initial breakout - but if you do, remember it subsides very quickly so don't get down on yourself!

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Thanks for the info. I will take accutane with milk once I get it. (1%, slighly fatty, better then water) Another thing, it seems like many people are getting pinkish skin or red skin all over thier face. I really dont want this, is there anything to prevent this before I go on accutane? I was thinking that it might be the sun's effect on the skin during accutane.(sunblok?) I would really like a response on that. Besides that, I would like to know what to buy for dry lips, skin or what not before I go on accutane. (tomorow!!) Again, there is a sheet that they gave me, but your input I feel will be more "tried and true"

Thanks again

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Guest agentx

Hey, about the redness ... everyone gets it. Its normal really. Im from pakistan and have a light brown skin. So it didnt show up THAT much on my skin. But if u`re from usa or somethin ... u wud get redness hehe. Theres not much u can do abt the redness though. It goes away a few months after finishing tane. I dont think the redness is that bad. Looks kinda cute =].

Anyways i heard rubbing an ALOE VERA GEL on ur face can work wonders for red marks and redness. Oh and yea drink LOTS LLLLLLLLLOTTSSSS of water during accutane. That will also help..


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As far as what you need to do - be prepared to be DRY! Stock up on moisturizer like the Cetaphil gentle cleanser and moisturizer (even generic wal-mart brand is good) and medicated chapstick!! I know this is gross, but if your nose dries out (common) use a little vaseline. You may or may not get the pink/red face - alot of people mention it here but I didn't get it. You also may or may not get an "initial breakout" when you start 'Tane but if you do stick it out, you'll be clear in no time. I didn't get that either but it seems some people do. Everyone is different. The only thing you really need to "do" is listen to your body. Accutane is a powerful drug that has worked great for some and not so for others as far as side effects. Go to the derm every month and get your blood drawn and you'll be fine. I just wonder about why she told you to take your pills once a day? It is usually prescribed to take a morning dose and evening dose.

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Aquaphor for your lips is a must!

To help with the dryness, you can take Vitamin E in pill form too. I've heard of people taking from 400iu to 1,000 iu of Vitamin E to help combat the dryness.

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You'll need the following : -

1)Lip Balm (Totally essential) I used Labello,keep it with you at all times!

2)A suitable moisturiser.

I personally would recommend Vaseline Derma Care Lotion.Its available at your local chemist in a large squeezy jar and isnt expensive and will fight the dryness very well.Plus it lasts for a long time.

3)Wash your face ONCE daily in the morning and apply the cream afterwards.

Use a very gentle face wash whilst on it.

Dont overwash it as your only irritating your skin and making it look worse.

So just follow what I said and you will be ok.

If going out in hot sunshine....use total sunblock.

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Reply to this, and answer each question as they come. This may sound like an "order" but I find it helps very much when your mind is on each topic as they come up. Thanks very much everyone for the info!

The blood testing results are taking longer then expected, they are one day late. I SHOULD be getting accutane tommorow, So I am getting all my stuff tommorow cost is not an issue (for the most part, no 50$ lip balm biggrin.gif )

They recommended aquaphor for the lips, but only at night...? Should I get somthing for the day (maybe somthing not-so-shiny)? I have purpose soap (what dan uses), and the liquid form of it. If these are not gentle enough i'll try cetaphil. For my face moisturiser, I want somthing really light. Somthing that is not very medicated so my face looks normal (not red) in the morning (very important, this is when school is). Maybe somthing that soaks in fast. And I assume I should wait 10-15 min after washing.

local chemist

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I don't use aquaphor - i don't feel the need for it (partially because my skin is really oily). If your skin is normal/dry then i would highly recommend using it. I've seen many people with "extra lips" - above their lips are super dry/red, look like part of their real lips. I even saw one of my teachers with this! - I think he was on accutane (he still has pimples - yes i notice, i notice it on everyone). Almost any lip balm you buy is going to be shiny. I use about 4 or 5 different brands. Make sure you find one with SPF in it! (there's a side-effect called cleitis (spelling?). It's usually from having sun-burned lips AND IS DEVASTATING (if you've read the ragforums).

-Purpose soap should be fine as long as you don't over-do it.

-I use Eucerin Daily Replenishing Lotion (which is kinda oily for prob 15mins). I think i'm going to buy the Cetaphil moisturizer next time - as i've heard great reviews.

-YES, apply Neosporin or moisturizer in your NOSE. I don't have any Q-tips but if i did i'd be really happy hehe. My nose has big blood boogers and possibly scabs from the dryness. If i were you, i'd apply it from day 1.

-Humidfier? I doubt it'll make a difference

-Contacts, yep get artificial tears. I have Bion-Tears at home, which are great but really expensive. I don't wear contact, but i'd highly recommend getting a worthwhile product - as your eyes may become very irratated.

-Body soap to prevent drying out? Umm well if you don't breakout on your body you can look for a body wash w/ moisturizer. If you do breakout, like me, use dove + try to moisturize twice a week.

A great Accutane awareness site:


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I just got the pills. 30 day supply of 40mg to take in the morning. Maybe I should take them at night, but thats what I will do to start. I will do my daily wash in the morning also. I could switch this later. By the time you respond to this I will have bought:

Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser

Artificial tears

Aquaphor or some other kind of medicated lip balm, most likely spf 15, possibly 2 kinds

I have Neosporin (sp?) already

I will wait on the humidifier untill I get more "yay or ney"'s

I will be taking it with toast with peanut butter and milk in the morning.

The only worry I have is redness. I really hope I dont get much.

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