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Regimen sort of works

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I''ll take what I can get, though =D>

I've been on the regimen for about a month and my acne ( i would say I had moderate, had cysts maybe one or two times on my chin in a span of 6 years) has cleared somewhat especially on my cheeks.

My one problem is is that the problem area for me now is my cheek bone area. On both sides of my face these areas seem to have a clump of barely noticeable acne, small non-inflamed bumps (dime size, the area efeected with the bumps) that are just always there. Sometimes, once a week one of these small bumps turns into a whitehead.

I also seem to have a problem with my temple area, although the right side has cleared up pretty good.

I've read in some places that acne of this type also occurs in young babies and is a result of excessive hormone production. Does anyone else know much more about this?

BTW the new acne that does seem to form on my cheeks or other areas are those tiny bumps which are barely visible and then only when light shines on them at a certain angle.

Anybody have any suggestions?

My acne is not fully gone (forehead and abovementioned areas are problems) but i'll take what I can get. I always see others with worse acne then mine and they're living with it, so how can I bitch about mine?

notice that for most of this time I've only been using the BP at night. Though I cleanse in the morn. I will start using it two times a day as indicated but my skin is dry as it is from only one application. It's always a bitch to constantly check your face for dryness throughout the day. ](*,)

One more thing:

I use the cetaphil cleanser for dry/sensitive skin and the cleanser ALSO dries up my skin. WTF is up with that? It is for DRY/SENSITIVE skin isn't it?

Thanks for any responses.

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I use purpose liquid cleanser. I use Bp 2 times a day as well as retin a micro at night after the BP.

I agree, checking your face for dryness alot sucks but its necassary. A few months of discomfort is definetly worth a lifetime of good skin.

Just use a shit load of moisturizer.

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Thanks for the reply.

I use cetaphil facial moistturizer, it's pretty good. I have this inate fear that somehow using more moisturizer will make my acne worse or at least won't hellp with the regimen. I know it's non-comedogenic and all the rest but I don't like putting a lot of stuff on my face.

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