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Question for Maya or any other honey users

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I have a nasty cut on my forehead that I don't want to scar so I've been reading how raw honey helps to heal it, so I applied it with a bandaid. I was wondering is it suppose to sting like crazy for like the first 30 minutes to an hour and then just feel a little irritated the rest of the day? Also when I took the bandaid off to change it, I noticed it did seem to be bonding together a bit, however it was also more red and a bit more swollen. Do you think I'm having an allergic reaction to honey or is this normal??? I researched online and couldn't find any negative effects to using honey on wounds but wanted to know if you guys had any! Thanks

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This is the stuff I use: http://www.worldwideshoppingmall.co.uk/bod...anukacare18.asp

I didn;t have a reaction like yours though and I wonder if you are allergic to bee pollen/bee stings etc??

What kind of honey was it?

If you are having a problem with honey, you may want to dab egg white on it - egg white forms a seal around the scar allowing it to hel quickly. Egg white is like a natural plaster.

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Thanks for the reply Maya! I just used local raw unprocessed, unfiltered honey. I don't have any reactions when I eat it, though I do have some allergies. I don't think I've ever been stung by a bee so not sure about that. I used some Manuka honey on blemishes awhile back and found it to be a bit harsh too so maybe I am allergic. I just haven't ever heard of anyone having a bad reaction so was wondering :-s

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kiutiboi - I would say that the manuka oil and gel is good for acne and eczema - but that link I provide before -that is very good for wound healing, keeping it moist so that it doesn't scab too soon.

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Thanks Maya,

By the way, I ordered my Manuka Honey Oil and Gel from livingnature.I read some post about they can't deliver to USA because Manuka Oil and Gel is supposed to be a medicine?.Is that true?.Anyways, I already ordered it and Ive received a delivery notification from livingnature.com.So i guess i ve no prob so far.


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