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The culprit in it all

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While their is really no hard evidence that diet or certain types of food makes you breakout. You could be allergic to a particular type of food like chocolate for example and it could cause you to breakout. My derm said if you make a log and list what you have eatin within in the hour or so and keep track of the log as you go. And if you notice the onset of a breakout try to go back and see what foods might make you breakout. After your breakout process and your finally clear again try to repeat your food routine that you did eating the same foods if you can. Eventually you can pin point if you have any allergic food reactions. And try to reduce the amount your eating of that food or totally eliminate it. While this is not a cure for acne as we all know. My derm says and i also agree this will prevent yourself from sabtoging your face everytime you go out and eat. For me chocolate and caramel without a doubt makes me breakout for sure. My derm said we can have slight allergic reactions to foods and dont even know it When i significatly reduce my intake of those or elminate it. MY acne is 90% better. and of course the BP takes care of the other 10% worth of acne. Take this advice for what its worth. And no not everthing makes you breakout.. I know another guy who did the same log and he can eat chocolate and he dosent breakout at all. But if he eats anything with peanut oil in it. Then he will have the onset of a breakout.. It took him well over a month to figure out what was the culprit. Speaking of allergic reactions i know one guy that if he has anything with red dye in it. That he has such and allergic reaction to it that if he doesnt get hospitalised in like 5 minutes he will die right on the spot.. so i guess we have some things to be happy about that were not that bad off. biggrin.gif

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