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my advice: dont wash youre face in the morning

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i dont know about anyone else. but my skin falls probably inbetween mild and moderate. some days are better than others. i mainly have problems with blackheads. whiteheads can be problematic to me also, and also some redness. im not talking severe or really badly moderate.

well for about a week (yes it might not work long term, i dont know yet). ive been doing this:

Morning: nothing. go to work, go to school, whatever you do, but dont wash youre face.

afternoon: nothing, i guess maybe use some tissue or blotting sheets if youre really oily. i dont.

night: use JOHNSONS 3 IN 1 FACIAL CLEANSING WIPES (CLEANSE, TONE AND REMOVE MAKEUP). for dry and sensitive skin. right before you go to bed. i swear so far they have been amazing.

every other day i have a bath, and use olay facial wash when in the bath, gently, and then before i go to bed, i use the wipes i just mentioned.

and thats it! thats all ive been doing.

and for the record, my skin id say is sensitive, dry and oily. it can be extremely dry after washing, but cream makes it too oily, and my skin reacts badly to creams. after washing it can feel so tight and uncomfortable and my t-zone gets oily real quick, im a real mixture

but the wipes keep my skin soooooo soft, and it feels better and in the morning when i get up, it looks healthy and nice and hydrated, but not oily and not dry. and it lasts during the day till the night. and it even looks much better in bad lighting and mirrors.

to be honest, i think the constant hot water i was washing with, morning and night and the scrubs and all that stuff were really agrivating my skin. especially when id wash it then go straight out to work in the freezing cold. i think my skin just was been touched and treated too much, and whiteheads would appear all the time, and every morning id wake up with new spots.

now whiteheads have dramatically decreased, infact, i only had 2 this week, and my skin just looks so healthy..maybe some might wanna try, it cant hurt :)

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I am on Roaccutan and do the same.

If I wash my face in the morning before i go out, my face is 5x times worst...red and red marks are more visible.

So, do not wash your face in the morning, only at night.

And, if you put some "good" cream at night, it will smooth your face till morning.

It is good advice for everyone...especially for us whom are on Roaccutan.

I read a hundred times about that in (Ro)acutane posts.

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