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im really not expecting any response to this one, cus its difficult, my doctor doesnt even know.

basically, i have REALLY oily skin, i dont get many outbreaks, the ones i do get are just caused because of the oilyness.im sure this has something to do with the fact that i cant digest food properly....during the day, my stomach swells so i look pregnant, and its solid..(ie not squishy like fat).im sure that its the way in which i metabolise food or something, thats affecting the sebum production.

any ideas on what might be doing this?ive tried B5, im on peppermint capsules, charcoal tablets, and Yasmin (to see if it was hormonal acne, and the swelling was fluid retention..but a month in, and no difference except pain) and take supplements to help with the physical pain i get.im on the regimen for my skin.i drink 2litres of water a day (or as close to this as possible) and atm, im cutting out wheat for 6weeks, but so far ive just been really ill from it and my skin is dreadful.

i dont really know where else to get advice from..if anyone knows maybe of any dietry websites that might be helpful..id be REALLY grateful.as you can probably tell im pretty desperate..acne AND having this constantly massive stomach on a tiny frame..im not a happy bunny :cry: thanks

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i think you might be a good candidate for a good body cleanse and a short fast. you need to get your body re-started in a manner of speaking.

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