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I hope you all read and try this.

I cannot answer everyones questions but once a week.

So, I will try and explain the best i can. so, it won't be needed.

This will, I promise, help so much.

Before I tell you what it is. I will tell you ALL this first.

And I cannot stress this enough.

If you smoke.


Try to cut out caffeine and alcohol.

TOXINS!!!! TOXINS!!! Build up and come out on your lovely face.

Exercise. Every day.

Drink 8 Glasses of water. Everyday. Men need to drink 9 - 10 glasses a day.

Eat Healthy and get lots of protein and potassium.


only take what your doctor tells you too.

Too much of anything is not always a good thing.

You have been mis-informed if you are taking way to many supplements.

You get what your body needs through healthy eating.

If you have been prescribed an oral treatment. Keep it up, if it works for you.

Minocycline rocks! And it doesn't have harsh side effects like accutane. And it's easy and easy on your stomache.

What I am about to tell you. Is easy. And it's cheap. We all like that don't we? This regimn has been listed before and it is a miracle. So, I am re-introducing it to everyone. This is ALSO a great regimn if your acne has cleared, yet, you are left with those nice big or little red marks and dark spots on your skin. But, also this is for us who have acne as well.

(If you have deep scaring-this will not help that. Laser treatment. That's all you can do for that. Sorry!!)

As with anything, this does not give drastic immeadiate results but it does fairly quickly. Don't get discouraged if you don't have clear skin the next day. Keep it up and don't give up. This really works!

But, I do promise your skin will look better and feel better just after one go.

I have tried everything and every product you can even think up or only a doctor would know. I have spent thousands of dollars. NO JOKE. I have tried certain diets, supplements, micro dermabrasion. NOTHING WORKED! I cannot believe after all this time and money...how easy and cheap this was. I could be mad but i am to busy enjoying my new life of great skin!! No more hiding! No more make-up! Thank God!!! And just so you all know, I am female and I am 31. So, I have had time to try all there is.

Ok, Without further adue......Here it is.....


1.Wash face with a Sensitive Skin Face Wash.

I don't care how bad your acne is or you think it is. These products only make it worse and dry out your skin. Hence, it causes, yes you guessed it. MORE ACNE!!!!

I recommend Cetaphyl.

2. Exfoliate! (The right way)Baking Soda.

Crazy huh? Do not be confused with Baking POWDER. Only Use Baking SODA. It is not the same thing. This is a natuaral exfoliant. It does not give a quick fix of nice feeling skin and breakouts everywhere soon after like ALL "Exfoliating" products on the market do. I don't care what they say on the bottle. Or what it promises you. It will tear your skin and make it worse.

MIX with water into what ever consistancy feels right for you. Massage GENTLY in circular motions. Rinse immeadiatly. It will sting a little but do not let this sway you.

Also, Please follow all of these instructions to other parts of your body that are prone to break outs. (I usually do this in the shower when i wake up. It's easier.)

HAVE A HUGE ZIT??? Put a hot compress on it. Keep getting a washcloth wet with hot water. For 10 min. Slab some baking soda paste (mixed with a little water) on the spot for 10 min. It should be ready to go gently. after the gunk is out, put some neosporin on it. Best to do this at night.

3. Tone! Using Apple Cider Vinegar!

Everyone has their own mixture for this. Some mix 1 part ACV to 8 parts water. Some do half and half. Some put it on neat. I don't recommend that. But, whatever works for you. Do what you can stand. Also, some wash it off after 10 min. Some leave it on. You can put this on as much as 3 times a day.

(this helps with the red marks and clears up the oil in your skin. Watch the difference it makes! It's crazy!! And those pesky blackheads will melt away)

I would wait 10 min. or so if leaving it on before next step.

You can read all the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. Just research it on line. It rocks!!!!!

It actaully PH Balances your skin. You can use it on your hair as a rinse as well and it makes it shiny and soft. And yeah, I know it may smell bad. But, it goes away after a few minutes if you leave it on your face. So GET OVER IT! If you want nice skin. Deal with it.

4. Acne cream of your choice. Where needed only. Or whatever your Derm. has prescribed you.

5. Moisturize. SPF 15. Recommend Cetaphyl. Do not skip this step people!!! I cannot emphasize the importance of moistuizing. I don't care how oily you think your skin is. There is moisturizer for your skin. Only use the kind formulated for Sensitive Skin!!


1. Wash face.

2. Mask TIME!!!

Ok, you thought the ACV was bad. Now, it's EGG time!!

Mix Egg Whites with a squeeze of fresh Lemon Juice.

Whip it up with a fork. Apply it on your face and anywhere else you break out. AVOID EYE AREA.

Leave on 10 min.

Wash off.

Follow with ACV toner

3. Acne cream.

Go to bed. Make sure to get your beauty sleep. At least 8 hours a night. This is when your body repairs itself.

GUYS- (Girls, there is a tip in here for you as well!!)

If you shave. It is fine to do this. I recommend shaving before ACV toner. It actually also works to prevent irritated red bumps from shaving! YEAH!!

And Yes! Do this everyday, Everynight.

It's ok to do the mask 3-4 times a week.

But, the faster you want results, do it everynight.


It is normal to have some burning or redness. It will go away shortly. Don't worry!! Some experience this. Some do not.

I hope this answers anything you need to know.

I would take a pic of your skin before you start. Keep me updated!!!

I love you all and please note...I have done this and it works. And I still do it. Now, even my friends, my boyfriend, and my family members are doing it now. I pray this helps who ever tries this.

Good Luck! And keep me informed!!!

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