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Accutane in the Uk?

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Is anyone here from the UK? it seems alot of people are from the USA!

Anyway, I have booked an appointment with my doc on monday. I have tried everything so I am wondering if Accutane will work for me?

Would I have to be passed on to a Dermtologist (sorry about spelling)?

Also would I get the treatment free on the NHS?

Also will they give it to me if I have had a history of depression?

Thanks for asking me questions ... if anybody does!


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Accutane is available in the UK as RoAccutane. I'm not sure how everything works over there, but i'm pretty sure in the Uk a dermatologist has to prescribe it. I think it should only be prescribed by derms anyway since they have the most experience with this drug.

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GPs cannot prescribe Roaccutane, only dermatologists can. You probably aren't going to be able to referred to a dermatologist straight away, chances are you'll be offered some antibiotics; oxytetracycline or whatever.

If thats the case, do the course, if nothing improves, I guess you can ask to be referred to a derm. I'm pretty sure Roaccutane is free on the NHS but somebody who has got it off them prolly can tell you for sure. Good luck :)

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I recently begun on roaccutane in the UK - i saw specialists in my good old home town Manchester but go to university in Sheffield at the moment.

Anyhow - i saw my GP who gave me some antibiotics and topical cream while i waited for my derm referral. I only had to wait about a month and a half which actually went quite fast while at university. The whole process was completely free, but you won't get Roaccutane without a dermatologist prescribing it for you.

I got my precription on the same day as my first ever derm visit since im young and healthy.

And the NHS cops the entire cost. :P

EDIT: Meant to say - if your doctor SUGGESTS another course of action just say no and ask him rather assertively to sort out a referral to a derm. It's not him you need to convince anyway so make sure he gets you an appointment with a specialist! Then you can get to work on convincing the derm. (Although considering i had only tried 2 kinds of treatments and had MILD acne, the derm practically threw roaccutane at me - i got a friendly woman).

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