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I will never wash my face or shave again: the life of a pirate

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i never used to use any type of acne was or anything until i was in 11th grade...untill then i nevr had any acne, since then ive been using only one type of acne was and it has bp in it but as much as i think its helped it hasent really done anything( it helps heal popped pimples by drying them out) but thats it. So im going to quit using it and also quit shaving and grow a beard ( but still shave my mustache cus thats gross haha) the only place i get acne is where i shave and i think the bp drys out my skin and then oil comes through on my facial hair in larger quantities to try to moisturize my skin so i figure if i have no bp on my skin ill have no extra oil and no extra acne. this whole idea is based off that as ive gotten older my acne has gotten worse not better and i started getting acne when everyone else i know started getting rid of it. the more facial hair ive gotten the worse my acne has gotten and im just going to quit it all. since i only get acne where i have hair i figure even if this backfires and i get the worst acne ever it will be covered by my sassy new beard. sassy.

what do you think

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Well just my input...

I am on tane. I would shave and would have some nasty breakouts the day after shaving.I havent shaved for 2 weeks.I still am getting those fucking breakouts :shifty: Acne sucks knob

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ur situation is exactly like mine,,, my acne only got worse,,, i'm on my 5th (last) month of accutane with 12 days to go,,, i NEVER wash my face proving once and for all that acne has fuck all to do with how clean your skin is,,, i put pure vaseline on as a moisturizer (no chemicals) which is the equivalent of fucking grease,,, and i switched to an organic shampoo (no chemicals),,, bottom line... chemicals cause breakouts,,, get yourself an electric razor and be very gentle when you shave cuz shaving cream causes the breakouts and the actual act of scraping your skin only exacerbates things for yours skin (if i shaved regular right now with a non electric razor it would literally rip my face off, accutane or not)

honestly i think the only regimen that guys need is: ELECTRIC razor, shampoo (NO chemicals), and maybe deoderant if ur a smelly ass at times

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