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Little history.. Have had Acne for 30 years and at a young age it was worse.. Like cystic Acne I have had shots of stuff in my face and tried all kinds of stuff to help. Including Acutane and Differn. Acutane is great but has a lot of bad stuff with it. I.E Excess drying and host of other issues. Also Acutane seems to make it worse before it gets better.

The real reason I’m writing today is that I’m on the regiment with BP and with Halloween there is a ton of candy and my face has broken out again. You know at 40 Years old you would think I would grow out of this. I know the statement that food does not affect the face but I can gauge my Sex life and food intake by my face. I’m about to go on a trip and my face is getting worse.

Knowing that my face is broken out I try not to look at anyone eye to eye due to the fact I know my face looks bad. I keep my head lower to in turn hide from the public. When you get Acne on your lips it looks like I have Collagen shots or implants.

I’m just rambling. I never thought that there was a website for Acne and I’m glad there is. Acne causes a lot of issues in people and people without it would never understand.

I’m done for today have a great day..

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Hey, welcome to the boards.

I've had acne on and off since puberty. I had a clear period for a few years then broke out at the age of 26. I had to endure going into work everyday whilst my face got continuously worse. I did the opposite of you though - when I spoke to people, I'd look them directly in the eyes. Probably the worst thing said to me was "what happened to your face" but I get along with this person so I didn't take it badly. In fact we spent half an hour talking about it and she bought me some aloe vera which I'd always assumed was something they used in detergents or hand cream. There were certain moments that make me cringe now but didn't bother me at the time. One thing I'd like to add is that however much I love my digital camera, it is incredibly unflattering for the skin!

Since discovering this board, my skin has cleared to only two active spots on my chin. The numerous red marks make it look a lot worse than it actually is though.

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Well, I'm 56 and still have acne. I broke out with my first cysts 2 years ago and could not find a derm who could get rid of them. Started Dan's regimen in July and have been clear ever since. I do not have to avoid looking directly at people anymore and it's interesting. I now know that other people have wrinkles, zits, roseca (sp?) dark circles under their eyes, birthmarks, bad teeth....I really should have looked them in the face earlier in life and maybe my acne wouldn't have bothered me so much #-o

Anyway, good luck on the regimen, it's been one of the best things that ever happened for me.

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